Down For Him 2(9)

By: Jada Pullen

“Daddy missed you. You missed daddy?” I said tickling him. He nodded his head yes trying to get away from me. I missed Kaleb more than anything.

“Khalil, you got five minutes to see him, then you need to get the fuck out.” Bianca said standing in front of the TV with her hands on her hips.

“You better watch yo mouth while you talking to me, and what I tell you about yo mouth around my son? You better act like you know what’s good and go sit yo ass down somewhere.” I said sitting Kaleb on my lap hugging and kissing his cheeks.

“Whatever muthafucka! You in my shit and you heard what I said.” She mumbled storming off into the kitchen. Ignoring her childish ass, I sat back and watched TV with Kaleb. Her little attitude only showed me that she missed me. Before I leave this muthafucka today, I’mma have to get up in them guts. Before I knew it, Kaleb was knocked out. Picking him up making sure not to wake him, I slowly carried him into his room. Placing him in bed, I kissed his forehead covering him with his favorite Ninja Turtles covers. Closing his door, I walked over to B’s door and opened it. The smell of loud gas hit my nose as I walked into her bedroom. Sitting in the middle of her bed with only a tank top on and her hair pulled up into a high bun, she inhaled her blunt. She swayed back and forth to Fetty Wap’s “Rewind” playing lowly on her Beats pill. She finally released smoke into the air looking over to me with a shy smile. I know she’s geeked the fuck up from her red glossy eyes. I can’t even lie, the sight of her immediately made my dick hard.

“Why you staring at me? You making me feel uncomfortable.” She said taking another pull from her blunt.

“I can’t look at you now?” I said with a sly smirk. Taking everything off except my boxers, I climbed in bed with her. I got behind her, getting comfortable, and wrapped my arms around her as she leaned her body back on me. Taking the blunt from her hand, I took a few puffs before handing it back to her. Licking her neck, I ran my hands over her titties playing with her nipple rings. I began to suck on her neck as soft moans escaped her mouth. Removing my hands from her nipples, I took my hand and ran it threw her hair. Using my other hand, I took my index and middle finger and placed them into her mouth. she began to suck them aggressively. Getting them real wet before I take them from her mouth.

“Open them legs up wide for daddy.” I asked softly in her ear. Following my orders, she opened her legs as wide as they could go. Running my fingers down her wetness, I plunged my two fingers into her honey spot. Damn she wet.

“Ahhh, baby.” B moaned as I felt her muscles grip my fingers.

“You like that shit, B.” I ask, sucking on her neck even harder.

“Yes, Daddy. I like it. Ahhhhh.” She begins to bounce up and down on my fingers letting me know she was close to cumming.

“Good girl. I want you to come for me B. Can you do that for daddy?” Biting down on her bottom lip, she nodded her head yes. Taking my thumb out that I been massaging that clit with, still having my fingers deep inside of her making her legs begin to shake.

“Ahhhhhh! I’m cumming, Khalil..” Feeling her sweet wetness gushing down my fingers, I pulled them from her pussy and put them in my mouth. I must admit I missed B’s pussy. Getting off the bed, she gestures her index finger for me to come to her. Getting to the edge of the bed, she gets down on her knees in front of me. Starring into my eyes with a sexy smirk, she lowers her mouth down on my rock hard dick. B began to swallow my dick like a sailor. She had me damn near on the verge of tears the way she was sucking my dick. I know I have to take control quick before I nut. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I yanked her head back standing up from the bed. I stuck my 10-in pole down her throat not giving a damn that she had tears rolling down her face.

“What’s all that shit you was just talking earlier?” I asked fucking her mouth with no mercy. Hearing her gag and seeing somewhat of panic in her eyes only encouraged me to thrust harder. Holding a vice grip on her hair, I pulled out only to dive back into to her throat even harder. I felt my nut building up, but I wasn’t ready to bust just yet. Pulling my dick out her mouth.

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