Down For Him 2

By: Jada Pullen


Justin and Autumn both end up in a bad predicament, but who’s to blame? Finding out that their kids are lovers, their mothers rekindles a friendship; what will tear them apart? Autumn is determined to find out who landed them in the hospital even if it means taking a few lives of her own, but is she willing to stay down after the truth is revealed? Logan is more than ready to go to war for his family. With Teyanna by his side, he’s ready to settle down, but will his past lover allow that? Bianca finds herself in an even worse predicament when her first love resurfaces, and she has to get rid of Khalil at all costs. Khalil is determined to get revenge, even if it means hurting the woman that means the most to him. Khaleek finds himself with the weight of the world on his shoulders from one bad decision. Will he lose everything or rise to the occasion and come out on top? Justin will be back and better than ever and no one is off limits when it comes to his Queen.

The griminess has just began in this installment of Down For Him 2.


"Y'all motherfuckers can't do shit right! I tell y'all to do one fucking thing, and you can't even do that. Wasn't shit supposed to happen to Autumn. Now she laid up in a damn hospital? Y’all couldn’t even finish that nigga off! I shouldn’t have woke up this morning to the news saying that nigga in the hospital on life support. Y’all supposed to go hard! He didn’t give a damn about Nadir’s life, so why the fuck did y’all spare his?” I roared, scanning the room of some of my soldiers. I told these dumb niggas to follow behind them once they left Autumn's mom’s house, so since they didn't want to follow the rules, someone has to go.

"Who gave the go ahead for this shit?" I said, cocking my 45 scanning all of their eyes.

Everybody’s eyes lingered to Bo. He’s been a part of the team for a couple years now, so I know his ass knew better. He stood 5"9, about 285 pounds, if not more, with a thick beard, and tattoos that covered his arms and face. Somewhat resembling Rick Ross.

"Bo, everybody eyes looking at you. Anything you have to say for yourself? I thought, out of all the niggas in the world, you would've known better than to act out on something like this without coming to me first." I said, now giving him my undivided attention.

“I thought it would be best to handle it then. I know he would’ve eventually figured something was up by seeing a van following them all the way from the boondocks back to the city.” He answered, looking directly into my eyes never breaking eye contact. I respected the fact that this nigga still had enough heart to still look into my eyes when he know he was seconds away from meeting his maker.

“All of you take this as your fucking warning. When I tell you to do something, you do it exactly the way I tell you to.” I said, stepping up into Bo’s face. I placed my 45 to the center of Bo’s dome and turned around to look into the men’s eyes. “And never ever make a move without my say so!” I said, pulling the trigger immediately, ending Bo’s life with a single shot to the head. Looking down at his lifeless body laid before me, I felt some form of satisfaction for his fuck up.

“Y’all clean this shit up” I said, grabbing my handkerchief out of my blazer pocket. I wiped away his blood that splattered on my face and hand.

“Lock up once these niggas done.” I said, tossing the warehouse keys to Tavon walking out the warehouse to my Range Rover.

Chapter 1: Logan


Hearing somebody banging on my front door made me and Tee both jump out of our sleep while on the couch.

“Who the fuck is that?” Tee said, getting up from her position next to me on the couch and sliding my t-shirt onto cover her naked body.

“I don’t know, but you stay right here.” I said, sliding my boxers on. I grabbed my Glock 45 from the end table, cocked it, and went to the front door. Checking to see who it was, I placed the safety back on, yanking the door open.

“Son, come on, we got to get the hospital.” Cody said, stepping past me with urgency in his voice.

“Tee, come get dressed.” I yelled, slamming the front door shut. Taking the steps two at a time, I headed straight to the master bedroom. When it came down to shit like this, questions were never asked.

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