Dr. Perfect on Her Doorstep

By: Lucy Clark

Home is where her heart is…

GP Stacey Wilton is back in her beloved hometown to run her family’s medical practice. As guardian to her younger siblings, Stacey has had to put her love life on hold—especially after being abandoned by her fiancé—and now she’s so over men!

Then she meets delectable Dr. Pierce Brolin on the doorstep of her childhood home, and suddenly all bets are off! Stacey might have had her fair share of Mr. Wrongs, but could Pierce be her Dr. Perfect?

“You’re leaving?” Pierce was half on the veranda, half on the threshold as she walked past him.

“I need to.” Before she made a complete fool of herself and begged him not to listen to a word she was saying.


She unlocked her car and put her bag inside before turning to face him, the driver’s door between them.

“What about us? Isn’t what we feel for each other worth pursuing?”

She reached out and placed a hand to his cheek, determined she wouldn’t cry. “If you love someone, set them free.” She smiled lovingly at the man who had stolen her heart, now and for evermore. “You are going to be amazing. You are going to achieve such great things, and those great things are going to help so many people. I could never stand in the way of that.”

Her voice broke, and before she completely lost her resolve to set him free, she turned from him, climbed into the car, shut the door and started the engine.


She tried not to hear the pleading in his tone as she carefully reversed out of the driveway, belatedly remembering to switch on her headlights. Even though they lived only a few blocks from each other, she still had to pull over to wipe her tear-filled eyes because she couldn’t see properly.

After she’d reached her house she headed quietly for her bedroom and, uncaring that she hadn’t changed or brushed her teeth, lay down on her bed and allowed the tears to fall. She loved him. She loved Pierce with all her heart. But she could never live with herself if he sacrificed his own dreams for her. His dreams were his, and he deserved the chance to achieve them.

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.” She recited the words into her pillow, hoping against hope that one day Pierce would return to her—because she would always be waiting for him.

Dear Reader,

I’ve always loved reading linked stories—really getting to know characters and their family and friends—and now, with Stacey Wilton stepping out and leading the way, the Wilton triplets are making their mark. Stacey, Cora and Molly are three very different women, but they’re joined in the bonds of sisterly love.

Forever the down-to-earth, sensible sister, Stacey thinks she’s lost her chance at love—until she meets handsome Pierce Brolin. Such a gorgeous but determined man… I loved Pierce from the start. I love the way that he, like Stacey, who is guardian to her younger siblings, has such a strong grasp on the importance of family, on not taking the people he truly cares about for granted. It’s inevitable that when these two meet they’ll have an instant connection that will help them embrace all the various siblings—and rabbits—that weave their way throughout the story.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the very important research required to write this story, it’s that you’re never too old to go on a swing!

Warmest regards,



STACEY WILTON PULLED the car to the side of the road. She looked across at the house, nostalgia rising within her. Turning the key to cut the engine, she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door, her gaze never leaving the house. The late-afternoon rays from the sun combined with the blue of the September sky only enhanced the beauty of the place.

It looked so different—smaller, somehow. Which was ridiculous, because houses didn’t grow or shrink. And yet it was still the same as her memory recalled. The front garden had been re-landscaped, the large tree she and her sisters had used to climb was gone, and no shade fell over the front windows, but instead the garden was alive with rows of vibrantly coloured flowers, enjoying the spring weather. Stacey smiled. Her father would have loved that.

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