By: K.M. Shea

Book 3 of King Arthur and Her Knights

Character List

Agravain: the second son of King Lot and Queen Morgause of Orkney.

Ban: One of two kings who marched with Britt against Lot and his allies. He is from France, is well groomed, and is said to have a son who is an impressive knight.

Bedivere: A knight Britt met in London when she was crowned King. Britt chose him as her marshal on an impulse, without any input from Merlin. Bedivere is the only knight in Britt’s close circle who does not know she is a girl.

Bodwain: Britt’s constable and one of Merlin’s Minions.

Bors: One of two kings who marched with Britt against Lot and his allies. He is from France, although he appears to be half bear. His two sons are said to be gallivanting around with King Ban’s son.

Ector: the man who was selected to be Arthur’s foster father. He has taken a similar role in Britt’s life.

Gaheris: The third son of King Lot and Queen Morgause of Orkney.

Gareth: The youngest son of King Lot and Queen Morgause of Orkney.

Gawain: The eldest son of King Lot and Queen Morgause of Orkney.

Griflet: A young, ignorant knight who is related to Sir Bedivere and is close friends with Ywain.

Guinevere: The daughter of King Leodegrance whom Britt dislikes thanks to modern King Arthur stories and legends.

Igraine: Mother of the real Arthur. Uther Pendragon was her second husband.

Kay: Britt’s seneschal and supposed foster brother. He takes Britt’s safety seriously and is often seen writing in a log book.

Lancelot: The only son of King Bors whom Britt despises thanks to modern King Arthur stories and legends.

Leodegrance: King of Camelgrance, one of Britt’s first allies.

Lot: King of Orkney and Britt’s worst enemy. He rallied kings and knights and led them to battle before Britt and her allies overthrew him.

Maleagant: A duke and friend of King Ryence.

Merlin: Britt’s chief counselor who is also responsible for yanking Britt back through time. He openly uses Britt to accomplish his dream of uniting Britain.

Morgause: Daughter of Igraine and Arthur’s half sister. She is married to King Lot of Orkney and has four sons: Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth.

Nymue: The beautiful Lady of the Lake who “gave” Excalibur to Britt.

Pellinore: A noble-looking king who attacked Britt with King Lot, King Urien, and King Ryence.

Ryence: A cowardly king who attacked Britt with King Lot, King Urien, and King Pellinore.

Ulfius: An older knight who once served Uther Pendragon and now serves Britt as her chamberlain. He is one of Merlin’s Minions.

Urien: the brother-in-law of King Lot and a King in his own right, Urien fought with Lot, Pellinore, and Ryence against Britt but has since become Britt’s vassal because he believes she holds his son, Ywain, hostage in Camelot.

Uther Pendragon: Considered to be one of the greatest kings of England. He is the real Arthur’s father and died some years ago—leaving all of his lands and money to Arthur.

Ywain: The only offspring of King Urien. He swore loyalty to Britt after being captured by her men and has revered her ever since. Morgause is his aunt.

Chapter 1

The Arrival of Lancelot

“The sword he pulled, the crown he wore, and he just a fair-faced youth, hah! Fair-faced youth, my horse’s rear end,” Britt said as she gnawed on a hunk of crusty bread and recited a line from the newest ballad echoing through Camelot.

Llamrei, Britt’s white mare, looked up from grazing.

“No offense,” Britt said.

The mare went back to eating.

“I’ve been here a year and a half. How old am I supposed to be now? Sixteen or seventeen? This ploy won’t last much longer,” Britt said. “Bedivere and his ilk have hinted since Christmas that I need to find a wife. Merlin won’t be able to distract that faction much longer, and even I have heard some of the disparaging rumors about my unwillingness to grow facial hair.”

It was, in fact, Bedivere’s hinting that drove Britt from her courts that fine afternoon. Bedivere had set his young cousin Griflet after Britt to sing songs about a rich king who did great deeds on behalf of his beautiful wife. Of course, whenever Griflet started a game of Badger Britt, Ywain—Sir Ywain now, Britt had knighted him at the New Year—was sure to join in as well.

Favorable things could not be reported of Ywain’s singing voice, so avoiding the duo became Britt’s greatest ambition.

Britt rolled onto her stomach so she could look at Camelot. The immense castle was well within eyesight, perhaps even within shouting range. Britt was splayed near the edge of the forest that impeded on Camelot’s land, surrounding about half of the castle.

Britt turned and waved, certain Sir Kay was watching her through a spyglass as he hadn’t sent a squad of guards after her…yet.

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