Engaging (Alluring Book 2)

By: Sarah Curtis


June 13, 2010

Cassie looked around at the crowd filling the quad of the Las Vegas University campus. Her best friend, Monica, had dragged her here at six o'clock this morning so they would have a good spot to watch Engage perform a free concert for their school. The fliers for the event had gone up about a month ago, and ever since, it was all Monica could talk about. She was in love with Gage Hunter and the rock group Engage, and according to her, she was their number-one fan.

Personally, she preferred country music. That's not to say she didn't enjoy Engage's music, they just weren't one of her favorites, and she didn't love them as Monica did.

"Only one more hour. I'm so excited," Monica said, looking around at the rapidly filling quad. "It's a good thing we got here so early to get our spot. This place is packed."

Cassie nodded her head, but internally she didn't agree. She had worked the late shift last night at Sam's Pizzeria and didn't get home to their off-campus apartment, that she and Monica shared with two other girls, until one this morning, then she was up at five to come here. Monica owed her big time for this.

Cassie had met Monica the year before at freshman orientation, and she was the complete opposite of Cassie in every way. She still marveled at how they became such good friends so fast. Monica was tall and slender, almost willowy looking, with the grace of a dancer. Cassie, on the other hand, was short, curvy, and had about as much grace as someone with two left feet. Monica's hair was dark brown, almost black and was short and spiky, which suited her pixie-like face. Cassie had thick golden-blond hair that fell in soft waves down to her waist and framed a face that still held traces of baby fat. Monica liked moving at a fast pace, was always energetic, and could (and usually did) talk a mile a minute. Cassie was more laid-back, went with the flow, and was usually on the quieter side unless she had something important to say.

"What time does this thing start again?" Cassie asked.

Monica rolled her eyes at Cassie's lack of enthusiasm. "Noon. Why?"

"I have to be at work by five."

"Oh, I'm sure the concert will be over by then."

Cassie laughed. "Well, I should hope so, or it would be a five-hour concert. I'm hoping it's done in about an hour, so I have time to take a nap before I start my shift."

"There's going to be an autograph session after the concert. You have to stay with me so I can get a signed copy of their new CD."

Cassie sighed. All hopes of a nap flying out the window. The crowd started cheering, and Cassie looked around. Engage were taking the stage.

Monica grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet. "There they are."

Cassie had to admit they had a good spot. They were front row center, only a few feet away from the raised platform the school had erected for use as a stage.

"Oh my God, Cassie, there he is." Monica held her arm so tight, she was sure to leave a bruise. "Gage! I love you, Gage!" She screamed, while jumping up and down.

Cassie tried to extract Monica's hand as she jostled her all over the place. She looked at the ground, trying to keep her footing and desperately trying to keep her toes out of the way of Monica's pounding feet.

"Oh my God, Cassie, look. He's staring right at me and smiling."

Cassie didn't pay any attention to what Monica blabbed on about. She was too busy trying to pry Monica's fingers off her arm to avoid getting whiplash.

"Now, he's smiling and laughing. Oh my God! Oh my God!"

With a forceful yank, she freed her arm, ending up on her butt, in the dirt. She glared up at her friend, but Monica's attention wasn't on her. Her eyes were riveted on something else. Monica's mouth hung open, and her expression was one of awe.

A hand entered her field of vision, and Cassie looked up. Before her were a pair of the bluest eyes she had ever seen, surrounded by thick, black lashes. She stared into the eyes of Gage Hunter. His raven-black hair shone in the sunlight and fell past his shoulders, thick and straight with no bangs. He had a long straight nose, defined cheekbones and a strong jaw with a hint of dark scruff. He was tall and lean, but well muscled. She could see his muscles flex when she took his hand and as he helped her to her feet.

"Are you okay?"

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