Fall Into Me (Heart of Stone)

By: K.M Scott

Chapter One


"I thought you understood how this had to end."

Looking down the hall at Nina's hospital room, I eyed with suspicion every person who walked in and out. Pressing the phone to my ear, I listened as the man on the other end repeated himself and added, "We've given you more than enough time, Tristan. This has to end."

"I won't do it. I told you that. She's no threat to you, Karl."

"You're not thinking with the right head, son. If anyone finds out about the evidence she has, everything your father worked so hard to attain will be gone. Are you prepared to let that happen? We aren't. Take care of this. Or we will."

"She has nothing. I've checked everything she owns and there's nothing. Let her live in peace."

"With you, happily ever after, like some storybook ending? I told you that we can't afford to have any loose ends. There's proof somewhere. Those of us who supported your father all those years won't be taken down by your schoolboy romantic ideas."

"And I told you there's nothing to prove whatever my father was doing. He's dead and Nina's father is dead. Let whatever happened end with them."

Karl was silent for a long time. "We've told you what we want. You decide how this is going to happen. Or we will."

I pressed End Call and stuffed my phone back into my suit coat pocket, disgusted with Karl but more with myself. How had I let this get so fucking far?

All I had to do was find the papers Karl was sure her father had showing what my father had done. I was still in the dark about what exactly Joseph Edwards thought he'd caught my father doing, but I didn't care anymore. Whether it was some tax scam or real estate deal gone bad, it didn't matter. All I cared about was keeping Nina safe from the likes of Karl and the other board members who thought of nothing but protecting their own hides.

"Mr. Stone?"

I shook off my phone call and saw one of Nina's nurses at my side. "Yes?"

"It's time for her to leave. She's all ready. Her ribs might be a little sore at first when she gets back to her daily activity, but that's to be expected. I've told her to just listen to what her body's telling her and she should be fine. Now we just have to wait for her memory to come back."

Nina appeared in the doorway of the hospital room where she'd spent the last five weeks. Seated in a wheelchair, she wore her black yoga pants and white sweatshirt and had the pink roses I'd given her that morning in her lap. Her blue eyes lit up when I stepped out from behind the wall.

"Hey! The doctor said I'm ready to roll."

Bowing deeply, I looked up at her and smiled. "Your chariot awaits, my lady."

The press was out in full force when I pulled the Jag in through the gate at the bottom of the driveway I'd had installed the week before. Cameras flashed on all sides of us, making Nina bury her head in the space between our seats. Snaking my arm around her to hold her close, I hoped this first introduction to my world hadn't made her wish she'd had anywhere else to go.

I leaned my head down and whispered next to her ear, "Don't worry. We'll be home in a minute and we won't have to deal with them again, Nina."

The gates closed behind us and I raced up the driveway, wanting all that bullshit with the paparazzi left back there in the past. Fucking vultures. Like anyone should want to see pictures splattered all over the gossip pages of a man bringing a woman home from the hospital after a car accident.

Nina lifted her head and sat up straight in her seat to look at the house as I stopped the car. "This is where you live?"

"Where we live," I said, gently correcting her.

She turned her head and the look on her face was a mix of uncertainty and disbelief.

As I shut off the car, I flashed her a smile. "Don't worry. It's cozier than it looks."

"Uh huh." She looked unconvinced.

I grabbed her coat and walked around the car to help her out, watching her crane her neck to take in all of the house as I placed my black leather jacket across her shoulders. Looking up at me with those gentle blue eyes, she asked, "I really live here? With you?"

Nodding, I smiled. "You do. In fact, you like this house more than the other one."

She stopped walking and stared straight ahead. "There's another one?"

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