Feathers From the Sky(23)

By: Posy Roberts

The long elevator ride up to our apartment was silent, partly because I was anxious. I didn’t know what the place would feel like to me now. I thought it might feel different, but what if it was just another place where I had stuff sitting around? Was I going to feel like I was in limbo until we bought the dream house we’d talked about in the car?

After unpacking and throwing a load of jeans in the wash, I put on a pair of navy flannels and nothing else. Philip was already in the kitchen popping popcorn wearing nothing more than underwear. I flopped down on the couch and watched him. He stared at me across the open room and then moved closer, totally forgetting about the popcorn.

“You look right at home,” he whispered into my chest as he knelt on the floor between my knees.

“I feel it.” I did. I looked around the room as he kissed my chest and saw photos of us enjoying life together over the last three years. I saw souvenirs we’d bought thinking we have to have that. I saw the awful paint job we did on the dining room walls that we’d have to repaint when we moved from this place to make a new home. I saw little bits of our individuality spread throughout the room too.

He sucked at a nipple and tugged on the barbell between his teeth.

“Was I daydreaming?”

He licked a few figure eights there before pulling off me. “Yeah.” He pressed kisses to my stomach, and he blindly searched with his fingers until they threaded through my hair, the blue hair he loved so much.

“I’m tired,” I admitted. “Are you?”

“Not exhausted, but sorta dozy.”

“Do you think you have enough energy to make love to your fiancé?”

He gave me his adorable half smile that made the mole on his cheek more noticeable. “I like the sound of that.”

“So do I.”

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