Finding Submission (Service & Submission Book 1)

By: Megan Michaels


Thanks to my beloved husband. His unflagging patience and tolerance of my long hours and moodiness means more than he will ever know. Thank you for reading my books, and supporting me unconditionally.

Thanks to Natasha Knight for believing in me long before anyone believed in me, and giving me my start as an author. A more wonderful, awesome friend one could never hope for. The list of things that we can talk and laugh about are endless. My forever, long distance friend!

Last, but most definitely not least, I would like to thank Trent Evans for believing in my ability to write “smokin,’ hot sex” and supporting me in all my ideas and endeavors. He pushes me to my limits, making me grow. He is the best beta reader, editor, friend, and grammar geek. I learn from him daily.

Without these three people, I would not be here and Finding Submission would never have been created.

For my husband, whose love keeps me buoyed


“Avery Rose, you knew this wouldn’t end well for you when you did it. I want you to go downstairs and sit on your spanking bench in the den until you receive further instructions. Now!”

Avery stomped down the stairs to the den. She hated that damn spanking bench. And she hated that he called it her spanking bench. It wasn’t her bench at all. She pushed open the heavy cherry door, hearing the hinge squeak. She slammed it shut. She didn’t care that he wouldn’t like it. She didn’t like being sent to sit on the damn bench, either. She sat on the hard wood staring at the corner, remembering the first time she’d been sent to stand in that same corner, a crushed, dead spider in her line of vision. At least that wasn’t the issue today — she kept the walls of the house clean.

She didn’t get what the big deal was anyway — it was only a car. It’s wasn’t like she’d ruined one of his suits, or even ruined the car. She’d just messed it up a little. Fussy and anal were definitely words that described Preston.

“Stand up.” Preston closed the door behind him and was standing right next her as she stood up obediently.

“I want you to push your pants down past your knees.”

She pushed the button through the hole on her jeans and shimmied them down over her hips, pulling her panties up so they didn’t go down with them. Like that made any sense; she knew that they would be next. But she wanted to preserve her modesty for as long as she could.

“Now your panties. Push them to your knees.”

She pushed her black panties down to meet her jeans. “Preston, I—“

“Avery, did I say you could speak?” She shook her head. “I didn’t think so. You’ll speak when spoken to. Hands on your head and turn around facing me.”

She turned and immediately his eyes lowered, staring at her pussy. While he was ogling her naked sex, she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his jeans. His cock was definitely giving him trouble.

Good. Let him suffer a little.

“If I run my finger through your slit, will I find it dripping wet?” When Avery didn’t answer him, he said, “Answer me, girlie.”

“Yes, Sir. It’s very wet.”

“Awesome. We’ll take care of that later. Now, tell me why you’re going to get a spanking today.” Preston crossed his arms over his broad chest, adjusting his stance.

“I ate French fries in your car. But—“

“Is there a rule about eating French fries in the car, Miss Avery Rose?”

“Yes, Sir. It’s never allowed in your car.” Avery dropped her gaze to the carpet. He made her feel like such a bad girl.

“Ever. French fries are never, ever supposed to be in my car. We’ve discussed this on several occasions, haven’t we, girlie?” Preston reached out, putting a hand under her chin, raising her gaze to meet his.

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“Did I ask if you were sorry?” Preston’s head tilted as if he was curious about her answer.

“No, Sir. But I am sorry.”

Preston pulled her spanking bench out until it was about a foot away from the wall. “Come around your bench, please. I want you to bend over with both your hands on the wood. You’ll receive six lashes from my belt. You will not eat French fries in my car again.”

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