2# Awakened by the Vampire Prince

By: Charlene Hartnady


Part 2

Chapter 1

Xavier shut the chamber door behind him. He took a deep breath before making his way across the bridge that led in the direction of the eating hall. His hands shook so he clasped them into fists at his sides.

He had never wanted a female more in his life. Her scent was intoxicating. It drove him to distraction. She smelled of light, of laughter, like he was standing in the middle of a field of wildflowers on a perfect summer’s day. Xavier found himself wanting more. Wanting everything. Touching her had almost driven him to the point of insanity. Seeing how receptive she was fueled the fires inside him to the point where he couldn’t think clearly anymore.

He had watched as her eyes widened and her mouth went slack. Delighted as her breath turned into fast, little pants. Then the beautiful blues of her eyes had grown darker as they’d widened even further. He would never forget her shocked expression just before her eyes rolled back in her skull. She had made the most amazing little noises that told him she had greatly enjoyed her first taste of rapture. Xavier became lost in the moment, wanting to give her so much more. Thankfully he caught himself in time. His hand had been on the clasp of his leathers ready to rip them open and to spread her soft, creamy thighs. The only thought at that point had been to plunge into her warm, welcoming heat, to give her what he knew they both wanted.

The problem was that he would never forgive himself if he did such a thing. At this point he knew without a doubt that he had feelings for the princess. What he felt for her ran way deeper than just lust. He had been kidding himself before when he told himself it was only his desire to rut her.

The thought of her with another male enraged him, yet something still held him back. He suspected it was fear. How could he claim his female without testing compatibility first? Logically he knew that the chances were good that they would make a good couple, but how could he be sure? Then there was that ever nagging reality that she may never drink from him. Could he resign himself to being with a female where the sharing of blood was not a possibility? Vampires needed this close bond to be truly mated. He had seen firsthand the distance this same problem had caused between his parents even though they loved each other deeply. His father suffered greatly having to take blood from others. It was not the vampire way.

Yet, deep down inside he knew that Esral was the female for him. She had to be. He had never felt this type of connection with anyone before. Never been so consumed by another. It scared him, but it also excited him at the same time. Xavier needed to clear his head, spend some time away from the princess. Once he managed to gain some control and some much-needed willpower, he would seek her out and they would have a long discussion.

Gideon was still in the eating hall where he had left him. The male frowned when he saw him. “Where is Princess Esral?”

“She is in her chambers. Go to her now and don’t leave her side.” Xavier didn’t feel the need to remind the male about the rules; Esral was his by her own admission. Now that he had seen the need and the longing glowing in her eyes, he knew that she would not accept the advances of another. Both pride and happiness swelled within him.

Although Gideon still had a confused look, he nodded. “Right away,” he growled as he strode from the hall.

After returning to his chamber for a quick shower and a change of clothes, he headed for the elven prince’s chamber. It was the last thing he felt like doing right now but a meeting with the male was long overdue.

Prince Keto growled as he opened his door. Without bothering to greet Xavier, the male turned and strode back inside going through a door to the left. Xavier was forced to follow.

The other male was in the process of rolling up what looked like a large map. This closed off part of his chamber was designed as an office with book lined shelves. “Shouldn’t you be guarding my sister or something?”

“I’m not one of the males assigned to guard duty.” He was starting to feel irritated. The elven prince had yet to look his way.

“Well,” he sighed. “Why are you here then?” Keto finally lifted his eyes. Hard, icy, he’d even go so far as to say that the male hated him. Zane had not been over exaggerating in his assessment of the elven prince.

“I needed to deliver some of our healers. Though my main purpose for being here is to try and see if I can find some common ground with you, Keto.”

The male gave a humorless chuckle which ended on a snort.

“We are both princes. There is no reason why vampires and elves can’t live in peace.” It irked him to have to bow down to the other male like this. The vampires greatly outnumbered the elves and were therefore the superior species. It wouldn’t take much to wipe out the pointy eared motherfuckers. But that wasn’t something that the kings wanted, and it certainly wasn’t something that Xavier wanted. A picture of Esral rose up in his mind.

“You have slighted the elven people, my own royal tree.” The elf beat his chest with a tight fist. Then his lips pulled into a feral grin. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s a personal slight.” His eyes narrowed. His whole body radiated tension. “My father gave the vampire royal house a great gift. Why did you take her if you never planned on mating her?” He began pacing the chamber while using animated gestures. His head jerked from side to side, blond hair flying. “Esral comes from good stock. From royal blood. Unlike many of your vampire females, she would be capable of bearing young.” He stopped moving for a second, his face looking puzzled. “I don’t understand why none of your males seem to want her. Is she not considered fair to your species? Is it because she has acted without honor?”

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