Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2(2)

By: Sunny Giovanni

Along the way to the Yukon she thought of if her life would’ve been different had she chosen to stick with Shea and his lying ways, but then she remembered how he played her like a fiddle and claimed that he didn’t want to be a father.

Shea wasn’t always like that though. He was sweet at first. He’d hold her hand and walk her to class. He’d even wait for her after lunch just to give her smooches and have her walking on Cloud Nine. Only after their first night together he changed. The calls came in less and less, there was no more walking her to class, and he acted as if she hadn’t existed until word spread that she was pregnant.

She couldn’t change the past and she felt as if she couldn’t do anything about the present either, so she just drove. A year and five months, she thought. A whole damn year and five months and Sam and I haven’t been the same. Everything always has to be about Leslie. Even my fucking Saturday is ruined because of her.

Yanni found herself driving aimlessly through Houston. She reminisced on how things used to be and it all came back to how it was always about Leslie. She thought of how her parents were just overprotective. She was never hungry, never abused and never had to struggle. Her only issue was that she looked like the fragile kind with her thin frame and the way she’d tend to wear long sleeved shirts, with the sleeves pulled down to her fingertips. At times she’d walk with her books held to her chest or either she’d hug herself. She’d always walk with her head hang and whatever type of bangs she had would fall over her eyes and it made her look as if she had been afraid of something, which made her an easy target at times. All she needed Leslie to do was fight for her if that ever happened, but that was it. That only happened once, when Leslie ran into her in the locker room. She’d been hiding out because a group of girls wanted to gang up on her, and Leslie didn’t let that happen.

Still, it’s always about her. She’s fucking selfish. Fuck her.

Six months ago she reconciled with her mother and agreed to meet her every Saturday for brunch, but this visit would be different. She had a lot to get off her chest about the way things had been and she completely disagreed with Sam on the way things were. She didn’t want to be a babysitter. She didn’t want to go to sleep and wake up alone. She was tired her living room smelling like weed whenever Sam had a couple of buddies over; she couldn’t stand the smell. Something had to give.

She texted her mother while in traffic and cancelled their brunch, or more like moved it back until the next day. Yanni felt that she couldn’t go out and try to have a good time with her if she had so much bottled up. She didn’t want to ruin their meal or their one day out of the week. After sending her apologies she received a call from her boyfriend and rolled her eyes at their picture that popped up on her screen. Any other day she would’ve blushed at the photo of them kissing, but for the past few months she had become queasy with every pixel. “What?” she answered.

“Fuck you mean ‘what’?” he harshly asked her. “Your brunch with your mama ain’t until eleven. It’s nine-thirty. Where are you?”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“Because I woke up and you’re not here,” he retorted. “You’re not in the kitchen making me breakfast or in the room waiting for me.”

“How do you think I feel waking up or going to bed without you, Samuel? You’re not ever there, so here’s a taste of your own medicine.”

“You know how it is—”

“You spend more time with Leslie than you do with me, so whatever. Go be with her since you can’t stay away.”

“I’m not near Leslie when I’m grindin’ and you know that! Are you jealous of your girl?”

She pulled her phone away from her ear and grimaced at it. “Me? Jealous of Leslie? Did you get your bitches mixed up?”

“See, here you go again accusing me of shit, Yan. It ain’t cool, man. I’m doin’ this for my boy and his daughter, and partly because Les is my homie. Don’t you at least care about Layla’s future?”

“Why the fuck should I when I have a man who would rather be playing around in the streets than at home with his woman? You need to learn to take care of your home before you take care of somebody else’s. And don’t you worry about me, Samuel. I’ll be going back to my parents’ house for a while. I don’t need shit from you.” She hung up and tossed her phone into the passenger seat. It seemed as though she really needed that visit with her mother after all. She didn’t care how her dad felt about her after what she did. She needed to be on familiar grounds. Being with Sam turned her life into something completely different.

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