Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2(3)

By: Sunny Giovanni


Rain poured heavily outside and Leslie grabbed Emma’s hand and they screamed with their heads hang low as they ran away from a taco stand to the Impala. Once inside Emma put a white bag that contained their food up on the dashboard and buckled her seatbelt. Leslie looked over at her and smiled. “Thanks for coming with me, Em,” she said.

“Stop trippin’,” she laughed as she twisted her braids into a high bun and then tucked her feet underneath her to prepare for the ten-hour drive ahead. “You know for a fact I wouldn’t let you make any of these El Paso trips alone.”

“Yea, but I regret to inform you that this will be the last one.”

Emma was reaching for the bag when she had to look over at Leslie as if she’d grown a new head on her shoulders. “What do you mean?”

“Ace is due for court on Monday morning and his lawyer has compiled some good shit that won’t allow him to stay locked behind bars like some caged animal,” she confessed. “My baby’s coming home.”

Though Emma was truly happy for Leslie and Layla she was a bit confused. Her stammering words were partnered with a series of wild and hard blinks until she could contain herself. “Wait a second. What is it that they’ve compiled? I’m confused.”

Leslie had to laugh at her friend. “I can honestly say that this shit is working for me in Law School, but they found a loophole,” she explained. “Butch recanted his statement when the lawyer put the heat on him about seeing Ace’s face or pointing him out. He couldn’t even keep his story straight when trying to recall the events. The number of people that were there changed from four to five to three, and I guess he just didn’t want to snitch me out so he never told anybody that I was there. And then there’s Ant’s murder case. There’s no solid evidence that suggests Ace was near that house because Butch damn sure couldn’t verify what time it was when we kicked in the damn door. His lil’ friend’s mama didn’t want to cooperate so they threw that shit out of the window. All of this will be presented in court tomorrow and everything will be back to normal. You can stop coming to El Paso every other weekend and you can live your comfy and cozy life with Andrew in Louisiana.”

Emma only wished that Leslie’s smile would rub off on her but it hadn’t. She felt guilty because all of this madness was because of her. Because she was raped. Just like when she first met Leslie she put her life on the line for Emma, and now her boyfriend was in prison because of her. If she hadn’t felt loved she most definitely did now, beyond that dark feeling that clouded her heart that she should’ve just waited some more for Drew instead of leaving.

“Don’t,” Leslie said when reading her friend’s face. She started the Impala and felt the vibration of the engine when it roared.

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t go blaming yourself. We’re a family. You’ve looked after me and I’ve done it for you.”

“But now there’s a baby in the mix and her dad has missed the first nine months of her life—”

“Em,” Leslie called her as she pulled away from her parking space. “Please shut the fuck up. We have forty pounds of blow we need to get rid of and you’re over here feeling sorry for yourself. Truth is, it would’ve been me to blow that nigga’s brains away. Ace just did it for me so that I wouldn’t have to worry about facing any time. Layla is fine. Her auntie loves her so much as to come out from Baton Rouge just to make sure she’s fed. Nothing is your fault so stop it.”

“Fine,” she sighed. “I’ll call Drew when we’re close. I think he has baby fever thanks to Layla.”

Leslie laughed and grabbed the remote to the stereo system out of the arm rest to find something to listen to on the radio. “I think Black Sam has caught it too, but… you know Yanni’s situation.”

“Is it just me or does Yan seem a little different to you?”

“Nah,” Leslie agreed. “It ain’t just you. She changed a little after Layla was born but I think it’s because she can’t have kids. I told that bitch that she was going to regret what she did. But if she snarls at me one more time I’m gonna pop her ass in the face. Nobody told her to do what she did. I’ve only been patient because I don’t want to end up behind bars and leave my baby parentless. I know she hates it when they babysit for me every other Saturday when I ain’t movin’ this shit across the county lines. She treats my daughter like she’s sick or some shit. Fuck Yanni. That’s your home girl.”

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