Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2(5)

By: Sunny Giovanni

The week before, when she was in Houston at the Hide Out, she and Sam whipped up crack so that they could put it in vials before she had stiffed them in the speakers behind the backseat’s headrests. He hadn’t worried about her getting into trouble because she was too smart to. Instead, he focused on clearing his product for Marciano and then for Leslie.

Leslie buckled her seatbelt and lit another cigar. This time she smiled at Emma before she pulled off and handed her the cigar. “We get it how we live,” she said in a raspy voice.

Emma took the cigar and slowly inhaled and exhaled, feeling her head swim a little. She was a little more mellow and felt as if she had been floating. Emma liked the feeling and took another pull. “We get it how we motherfuckin’ live.” She grinned and blew out her smoke.

Leslie let Andrew and Emma keep Layla while at his parents’ home in Houston so that she could take the drive to Joe Kegan’s State Jail and wait for her love outside of the gate. After his case was overturned she waited patiently for three hours for his release. Her hands were sweating and she couldn’t stop turning around to make sure her hair was absolutely perfect for when he saw her. Maybe he wouldn’t like her hair in long twists that stopped just above her lower back. It was a change for her but what if it was too drastic? And what if he didn’t like the skinny jeans and Nike Cortez that she changed into after court, or the clinging black tee she donned? Was she wearing too much cherry lip gloss? What about her eyeshadow? Was it a little too natural to where you could barely tell that she was wearing it?

An alarm sounded and someone shouted “Gate opening!”

Leslie straightened up from carefully studying herself in the side mirror and posed a little naturally at the side of the Impala. When Ace stepped over the line of the gate with his bag in his hand, her heart fluttered and she almost teared up. He was wearing a black V-neck tee with dark denim jeans and a pair of Cookies-N-Cream Nike Air Forces that a plug of hers found for him.

When he spotted her, a smile slowly exploded onto his face. Leslie ran to him and jumped up on him with her arms and legs laced around him. Ace dropped his bag and hugged his woman. The two locked lips and their tongues instantly tangoed. Without being able to touch at all, the heat between the two was at an all-time high. It was almost uncontrollable. To the guards in the towers it appeared that the two were trying to eat each other’s faces. With both his hands full of Leslie’s ass through her denim Ace was as hard as stone and if he had it his way, he’d fuck the shit out of his woman in front of the COs that were staring. But he digressed. Slowly the flames died out and the two calmed themselves. With her arms and legs still around him, Ace carried his woman to the car after picking up his bag. He sat Leslie down on the hood and kissed her a little more with a handful of her twists. He missed his woman but there was something bigger afoot.

“Baby,” he exasperated when he pulled away. “We have a lot we need to talk about. Some shit ain’t right and we need to get to the bottom of it. Some shit needs to change.”

Leslie frowned. She hadn’t done anything outside of what he had expected of her, but she gave it a chance to hear him out. “Like what, Ace?”

“We’ll talk about it when we get the fuck away from here. Let’s go home. I need a shower and to dip off into you before I lose my damn mind.”


And that he did. As soon as they hit the door, Ace grabbed Leslie by the waist and tongue kissed her until she could barely catch her breath. From the closet to the shower, and into the bed with their wet bodies they tumbled and rolled until they were done. No one cared enough to count how many orgasms they shared and it wasn’t important.

Lazily Leslie reached into the nightstand drawer on Ace’s side of the bed, though she were on it, and pulled out his metal box that she put fresh Kush in, and grabbed out the $25 baggie along with his grinder and a cigar. Quickly she broke the cigar down and ground his weed until it was perfect enough to spread from tip to tip of his cigar.

Ace took this time to bring up what was on his mind now that his legs were weak and his dick was limp. “What you been doin’ out here while I was away?” he asked her with his back against his leather headboard.

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