Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2(6)

By: Sunny Giovanni

“Grindin’,” she lightly laughed while rolling the cigar.

“Nah, but what kind of grindin’ you been doin’, Les?”

“Fuck kind of question is that?” She licked the tips of the cigar to make sure it was closed and put a flame to it to dry it with her lighter. “Is there only one way to grind?”

“You kept a stack on my books every month, so don’t fuck with me right now.”

Leslie’s head snapped toward him in that moment. Who the fuck did he think he was talking to? It couldn’t have been her.

“What the fuck have you been doin’ to keep up the gas money to keep comin’ back and forth to H-Town and to be able to feed you and Layla, then to top off my books with a G? Leslie, talk to me.”

“First of all, you knew I was a hustler when you met me.” Leslie lifted his chin with her free hand and stuffed the blunt she rolled in the crease of his lips. “Second of all, I also had lawyer fees to deal with and that nigga who I brought to you wasn’t cheap at all. A thank you would suffice.”

Ace snatched the blunt out of his mouth and lifted his back off the headboard. His brows were furrowed and he could’ve sworn he heard her incorrectly. “What you mean the lawyer that you brought to me? I thought my daddy hired that nigga.”

“Boy, please,” Leslie laughed while stuffing the bowl of the pipe she retrieved out of the nightstand with Kush. “Your daddy basically left me out here to fucking starve. He promised me that, right after he tried to pay me off with a hunnit and fitty stacks.”

“My daddy?” Ace was baffled. But then he quickly remembered his money. “You were still set though with what was in my accounts. All you had to do was take my papers to the bank—”

“Your daddy starved me. Not only that but he froze your accounts so that I couldn’t get into them, Ace. I did what I knew how to do and that was to survive. You picked me for a damn reason, and that reason was because you knew that if anything happened then I’d be able to hold things up.”

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me this?”

Leslie looked over at him with a cocked brow and saw the snarl on his face. He was truly upset with her and she didn’t give a damn. She set the pipe between her lips, lit a flame over the bowl and inhaled. After she held it she gave him a charge and smiled. “Does it even matter? Baby, I hustled my ass off to make sure we were good and that’s all that matters. We’re good.”

“It’s different because we have a daughter, Leslie,” he said sternly.

She placed the bowl down on the nightstand and whipped the covers back to straddle him and push down on his chest with her hands. She ground her teeth and stared at him for a moment. How badly she wanted to slap the shit out of him for not wanting to say how good she’d done on her own. “Do you know that a year and a half ago I wasn’t pulling in as much bank as I am now, and even you said that if I was supplied more then I could do a lot more? You should be happy that I didn’t turn into a weak ass bitch or a hoe ass bitch while you were locked down. Me having Layla brought out a fucking beast in me. My daughter made me stronger, Ace, and you won’t give me a fucking thank you for keeping my legs closed, being able to take care of you without having to get on my knees, or for having to gravel to your bitch ass daddy for a handout. But like I said, it’s cool. I don’t need your thank you. Fuck you, Ace Marciano.”

He took in a breath to say something but Leslie crawled out of bed and went into the closet for something to wear. He could kiss all of the ass she’d grown when being pregnant with Layla. Quickly she dressed while mumbling things under her breath.

“Baby,” he said while watching her struggle to pull on a pair of skinny jeans she hadn’t worn since before she was pregnant. “Babe. C’mon now.”

“Fuck you,” she gritted.

“Leslie, don’t do this.”

“No, fuck you. You suck your own dick for the rest of the night. I have to go and get my daughter and count my fucking money. I’ll have someone bring me back for my car. Hold this nigga down and he wanna bitch and complain like I’m some punk ass motherfucker. Fuck him.”

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