Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2(8)

By: Sunny Giovanni

“Your daughter had her mother and wanted for nothing.”

Andrew brought the “cookie” over to the table wrapped in a paper towel and sat it down as if the two hadn’t been arguing, and sat in an empty chair so that he and Sam could start cutting it up as if nothing was happening.

Leslie snatched up Ace’s set of keys from the table and stood again while strong-eying her boyfriend. “I’m going to get my daughter and we’re going home. You’re welcome for everything that I’ve done for you. Stay the fuck away from me, Marciano.”

He grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving and she punched him in the face for him to let her go.

“You had better remember that I didn’t need you before and that with or without you I will always survive. So get the fuck out of your feelings and get to your money.” Her tone was cold.

Ace slowly turned his head to her with his hand over his mouth. Leslie could see blood trickling between the creases of his fingers but it hadn’t mattered to her.

“And by the way, you might want to contact that daddy of yours who didn’t care what the fuck happened to his granddaughter, so that he can unfreeze your bullshit accounts.” She rolled her eyes and stormed out of the house, yanked open the door to her luxury car that Ace had driven there, and burned tires to get to her daughter.

Yanni rose on Monday morning and the first thought she had was that it felt good to be back in her old bed, around her familiar things. Her father couldn’t do much after he basically put her out on her ass because her mother made sure her room stayed the way that Yanni left it. All her father did was pack a few of her clothes even though she hadn’t retrieved them thanks to Ace’s dime.

The smell of bacon and eggs and the sweet smell of cheese lingered in the air and Yanni threw on a smile. She felt the sense of home. Quickly she brushed her teeth and brushed her locks into a ponytail. Her father would grimace had she come down to the breakfast nook without having herself together. Upon arrival she pulled down her pink sleeping shirt that matched her grey and pink pajama bottoms and sat in her favorite chair. Debi, her mother, turned to look at her over her shoulder and smiled, while her father hid his face behind his morning paper.

“Good morning,” Debi cheered as she swayed over to the nook and placed a plate of bacon down. “How’d you sleep, in your old room?”

“Like a log,” Yanni giggled. “It feels so good to be home.”

“You’re not staying, so don’t get comfortable.” Bernard shifted in his seat when reading his paper. He refused to look at his daughter after the secrets she kept and after she damn near killed herself to make a bold decision.

“Marty, don’t be like that,” Debi reason. “She’s our daughter.”

“No daughter of mine is a murderer.”


“It’s okay, mama,” Yanni said, sinking her teeth into her mother’s crispy bacon. “I did what I did to take my life back.”

Martin chuckled. “How can you live knowing that you’re a baby killer? That’s not life, honey.”

“Neither is criticizing and trying to humiliate your child in front of her mother. But whatever.”

He snatched his paper away from his face and slapped her plate off of the table. When it crashed onto the floor Debi stood out of her seat with her hands over her heart. Nothing but old memories flooded Yanni but she was too strong for her father now. If she did something that he didn’t like or he felt that the power in the house wasn’t his, he’d take it out on Debi. “You won’t eat or sleep in my house,” he promised.

“The shit I won’t,” Yanni replied seriously. “This is my mama’s house too and you can’t put me out without her vote.” She then looked up at her mother and narrowed her eyes at her. “Isn’t that right, mama?” She was hoping that Debi would find her balls for once and speak back to her husband.

“Leslie talks to her mother like that doesn’t she?” he asked her. “That’s where you’re getting this from. I should’ve known to lock your ass in this house and to never let you back out, ever since I found that weed in your room.”

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