Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2(9)

By: Sunny Giovanni

“Michelle is dead,” she gritted. “Somebody slit her throat and raped her, and you’re gonna sit here and tell me that I get my speech patterns from Leslie? Everything isn’t about her, daddy. You should be more concerned with how maybe finding Shelly like that may have scarred me for life, but of course you wouldn’t because you always have to be the alpha, don’t you?”

“Why should I be concerned? It’s not your first time seeing death at first glance, now is it?”

“You were a horrible father.”

“And you were a shit stain for a daughter. Get out of my house.”

With her eyes still on her father she said, “Mama tell your husband that I don’t have to leave.”

“Get your ass up before I wind up putting my hands on you.”

“I wish you would. I have a big ass bear that wouldn’t mind putting you in your place.”

“Stop,” Debi mumbled. She then scurried over to the broken plate to gather it from floor and food. “Just stop it already. Yanni, get ready for the day and I’ll make you another plate. Marty, you’re going to be late for work if you don’t finish up here.”

“I want her gone by the time I get in, Debi,” he swore.

“Marty, go to work. She’s our daughter and I shouldn’t have let you put her out the first time.”

“Fuck with me woman and I’ll make sure—”

“I know damn well you’re not gonna threaten my mama in front of my face,” Yanni intervened. “No, you fuck with her and see what happens to you.” She pushed away from the table and helped her mother scrape up her eggs within her hands. “Mama, you don’t have anything to be afraid of. Martin’s right. I was a shit stain for a daughter because I should’ve been helping you a long time ago. That’s changed. I’m home and nothing will happen. I promise you.”

Martin forcefully pushed away from the table and stood tall over his little wife and frail looking daughter. But this time, after many of the same moments, he saw fire in daughter’s eyes. Something had changed since she’d chosen the route of getting rid of her baby. Some may have seen it as her making the wrong choice and that she hadn’t taken much of a life back, but she and her mother knew that it was her way of living a different life. A better and newer life.


Drew kissed his mother on the cheek while she worked her magic in the kitchen. It was 7:30AM and she knew that her son had a long night. She didn’t complain. He’d be driving back to Baton Rouge this afternoon to get back to his classes with the love of his life and she valued their time. After snatching up a piece of bacon from a dish she had on the island, he jogged up the back set of steps to his room and carefully pushed open the door to find Emma laying snug underneath his thick white comforter set and smiled.

He inched in, almost tripping over their rolling luggage that Emma had packed the night before when she laid Layla down for bed, and dove into his bed face-first. Emma gasped and opened her eyes. When she saw his face she threw a smile on and pulled the covers over her head.

“Come on, babe,” he laughed. “Get up.”

“No,” she whined. “You get down.”

“That made no sense.”

“It does. Drew, I’m sleepy. When do we get a chance to sleep in?”

Hit bit down on his bottom lip and slid to the foot of the bed to lift the covers. Slowly he kissed up her legs and spread her thighs. He just wanted a little taste of her.

“Don’t,” she groaned.

“It’s cool,” he whispered while gently pulling her panties aside. “Baby, it’s just me.”

“Drew, don’t.” Just his breath grazing her unmentionable lips made her push his head away and snap her legs shut.

Flustered, he threw off all of the covers and stood in bed on his knees. “What the fuck, Emma?” he shouted at her. “It’s been a year and a half since that shit happened! And how long have we known each other? Fuck that. How long have we been together?”

“Well if that’s all you want from me, then you know you can get it from somewhere else.” She threw her legs out of the bed and stood, but she couldn’t get far with him pulling her arm to make her sit on the bed. She felt his hands caressing her arms underneath the feeling of panic. She and Andrew had discussed it plenty of times and now she felt foolish to think that he would at least understand. “You know how it is,” she mumbled as her eyes clouded.

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