Get It How We Live:Girls In The Hood 2

By: Sunny Giovanni


Special thanks to the head honcho, Davino Dixon, for always supporting me and pushing me through it all. I remember six months ago when I tried to touch a keyboard and my hands would shake and I’d shiver in fear. When I’d sweat and have to do something else to keep my mind clear and to keep productive. You constantly talked to me about older projects and reminded me of how far I’ve come. You did your best to keep me going when I felt like I was out of ammo and I love you for that. You’re my best friend and my captain on the front lines. Thank you.

Jasmine Devonish, I remember calling you and not being able to hold the shakiness in my voice, and I told you to help me because I was breaking all over again. You were patient and you listened, and out of nowhere I said that I was sending you something. That night I sent you an email that consisted of the prologue of the first installment of this book. You wanted more and put your foot down with me. With the growing numbers of my word count you cheered me on and told me to keep going. You have no idea what that did for me. Thank you for being in my corner.

Eros, the a**hole, you already know that I block your number every other day; it’s no secret. But thanks for giving this series a chance and for always calling to check up on it. I highly appreciate you putting your name behind mine in efforts to get this project out there to the masses.

Tremayne Johnson, the big boss, I know I can be a bit of a hard case, but you never flipped a table over on me and when I needed advice you were right there when you could’ve easily ignored me or told me to go elsewhere. Hopefully I’ve used your advice— grammar-wise and businesswise— in a much better manner. Thank you for being there.

The entire KPG family, you know what it is. Tell [the author] Faith to put down the damn shovel. The book is complete and is now being released. You people are a breath of fresh air for me and I’m glad to be a part of the movement. Thank you for including me.

#GioJunkies, though I don’t know every last one of you by name, you guys have been there since day one and you’ve stood strongly behind me with every release. Whomever you are, you are loved and appreciated dearly. You make me who I am. I love every last one of you for patience, your time and your constant need for more. Thank you.

“Awesome Awesome Awesome Sunny Giovanni has given me a new group of men and women to love!!!

Girls In Tha Hood is a well written and thought provoking story of survival, friendship and love.

Sunny Giovanni's word flow had me caught up in the story and painted pictures of characters who were relatable.

Excited for what next to come.

Two thumbs up Ms. Giovanni.” – Michele Dawn

“Sunny Giovanni is back and she came back with some fire!! I absolutely loved this book. I can relate to all three girls. That ending had me stuck. I can't wait for part two. GREAT JOB!” – jasmine

“Sunny is a beast when it comes to storytelling. She made the first page from this story pop...Leslie is my thug..I will be recommending this read and waiting on part two.” –GodsChildLove

Yanni had been lying in bed, praising the Lord that she didn’t have class this morning since it was a Saturday. Unfortunately for her, the other side of her bed was cold yet again and she hit her alarm clock to silence it. When she rolled over the first thing she’d seen was her boyfriend’s cellphone on the charger on his nightstand, and his jeans with the belt still in the loops on the floor near the bedroom door. It was evident that he had another restless late night with Leslie but he didn’t wake Yanni when he came home.

She rolled her eyes and whipped back the cover to get out of bed and get ready for the day. When she was done— clad in jeans, white snow boots and a clinging white turtle neck— she stared over at Sam sprawled out on the couch, snoring as if his sleep was much needed.

She folded her arms and just watched him. She guessed that they were going to end up taking Layla— Leslie and Ace’s nine-month old daughter— tonight too, so that Leslie could drive out of the city to go and visit Ace on Monday morning. “This is bullshit,” she mumbled under breath and grabbed Sam’s keys off of the kitchen table to leave the house.

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