Giving It to the Enemy (Saints and Sinners MC #2)

By: Sam Crescent


“What are you suggesting?” Saint asked.

“My fights have been getting more and more dough. Wondering if you want a taste of the action,” Pipe said, staring at the Prez of the Saints and Sinners MC.

“Why the fuck would you want to give us a taste of the action?” Rage asked. Ever since he’d gotten married to Penny, he’d become somewhat hesitant to take a risk. Pipe couldn’t blame the guy. A woman like Penny you didn’t allow to get away, and you always made sure she was safe. This was one of the reasons he’d decided to extend an olive branch. A few weeks back, a couple of his club had taken Penny while wearing the Hell’s Wolves MC cut. It pissed Pipe off that he’d not been the one to bash every single one of those fuckers’ heads in. Instead, he’d had to deal with the satisfaction of burning those fuckers, and burying them in shame.

No one fucked with him and got away with it. The tension within his own club had reached a new high, and his men knew he wasn’t above fucking over the traitors. One of the prospects of his club was caught selling drugs to school kids, fucking school kids.

Pipe waited until he got the evidence, and the night he brought it the club saw the prospect taking his last breath as Pipe injected every single packet of drugs that he’d found on the prospect into his veins.

He wasn’t a good man.

He wasn’t a nice man.

Pipe would advise every single woman who got close to him to run as far from him as possible. He wasn’t the kind of man to settle down, and he loved to fuck random pussy. The club whores at the club knew to keep their damn mouths shut unless his dick was in their mouths, or their pussy.

There was one woman he’d not given a warning to. Little Elena, Saint’s little sister. He’d been following her the day Rage and Penny got married, which was only a week ago now, but he’d not given her any kind of warning, and enjoyed the entire night with her.

“Consider this an apology, and a hope for us to not have any incident like what happened with Penny.” He stared at Saint, wondering what the other man thought about Elena. She wasn’t part of the club, not like a lot of women born into the life.

Elena was like club royalty, and it intrigued him that she had disappeared, only to come back, reserved.

“We want a cut of the fights without our men, and also fifty percent when our boys are fighting,” Saint said.

“That’s horseshit,” Shawl said.

Pipe raised his hand. “Ten percent without your men, and forty-five percent for your men.”

Rage leaned forward, whispering something to Saint.

“Fifty percent. This was your offer, not ours. We don’t need to put any of our shit on the line for this.”

“Deal,” Pipe said.

They shook hands, and at his back, he felt Shawl’s anger. He waited for the Saints and Sinners MC to leave, and Shawl didn’t disappoint as he started growling out his questions.

Holding his hand up, Pipe silenced them. “I’ve got my reasons for what I did.” He’d just opened up his safe passage into Sinners’ Corner by doing business with Saint, and in turn, it had given him access to Elena, which was what he wanted all along.

Chapter One

“They’re monsters, Elena. Never go back to them. They will hurt you and use you. They’re bad people.”

Elena stared down at her cell phone as he called again. It had been two weeks since she had made a mistake, having a drink with her brother’s club’s enemy. Damn, she wasn’t involved with the Saints and Sinners MC, and yet she was being controlled by who was the enemy, and who wasn’t. She hated it.

Canceling Pipe’s call, she pocketed her cell phone, and smiled at her friend Sarah, who came back into the main shop carrying a large box.

“Are you okay?” Sarah asked.


“Who was texting?”

“Stop being nosy.” Elena smiled to show she was teasing. “Just some guy who won’t leave me alone.”

Sarah groaned. “I hate men.”

“What? Isn’t Ralf included in that?”

Ralf used to be a patched in member of the MC, but he’d pulled out, handing in his cut, and taking the position of deputy in Sinners’ Corner.

“Yeah, he is.”

The pain in Sarah’s voice had Elena moving toward her friend. “What is it? What’s going on?”

Sarah put the box down, and shook her hands in front of her face. “It’s nothing.” Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks.

“What is it?” Elena asked.

“Ralf and I, we’re on a break.” Sarah covered her face and just started to cry.

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