He Was a Down South Hustla:Tale of Street Love

By: Yasmine W

Chapter One


“Let me smell yo’ dick Fred.” For the third time this week this nigga done stayed out all night. I usually don’t trip, but when I hear he with a bitch, then all bets are off. It was one thing to cheat, but to roam the streets like you single, is another one. And I know for a fact they ain’t lying, because I’ve caught him with this same hoe in the past. Whoever said love makes you blind ain’t never lied. That shit got me so blind right now.

“Man bay you tripping, why you trying to do all that?” He had the nerve to ask.

This is the shit I’m talking about right here. Instead of keeping it real with me, he chooses to lie about the shit. I wish I had something hard and close to me so I could hit his ass upside the head. Stupid muthafucka ain’t shit, and my ass still stayed here with him.

I rolled my eyes at him walking away from me, and that was all the answer I needed right there. Whenever he got like that, I knew whatever I heard was true. I went into our bedroom and lied across the bed. Today I had to make a decision about what ima do, because staying here ain’t worth the trouble. As much as I love him, I will happily walk away. I will not and cannot let myself continue to get hurt. I tried my hardest to stop the tears from falling, but they fell anyway. I’m so tired of the shit with this man and I’m tired of his cheating. Had a bitch told me this would be our outcome four years ago, I would’ve slapped her for lying.

So many nights I woke up to his side of the bed empty with no call or text. Do you know how lonely it is being in a big ass California king sized bed without your lover? Well let me answer: that shit lonely than a muthafucka. I miss the nights where I would roll over and be able to wrap myself up in arms and legs. I miss waking up to my “supposed to be man” in the morning, or blessing him with this five head game. Fred got it good if you ask me, I do any and everything to make sure this nigga happy at all cost. He have no reason to cheat at all, but I guess the little hood fame getting to his head. All the bitches flocking, and he grabbing any and every one.

He came into the room with an unreadable look on his face. I was not in the mood to keep arguing with him, so I got up to walk out. I picked up my phone and kindle fire so I could finish reading my book when I got ready. He looked at me with that same pitiful look in his eyes, but this time my mind was made up. I’m leaving and I ain’t looking back. If I try to leave while he’s here, I ain’t gone make it out this damn house at all. He have a way of making me change my mind in a matter of seconds and I don’t want that anymore! He tried grabbing my arm, but I moved out the way, and kept walking as he spoke to my back.

“Bay stop acting like that, I swear I ain’t cheating on you. I’m out here getting this money for both of us,” he said. I didn’t know he was close up on me until he grabbed me by the waist, pulling me in. The smell of sex hit my nose soon as I was close enough to him.

“You not cheating, but you smell like sex. Fred just move and let me be, man.” I cried. I could no longer hold my tears back after that—that right there did it for me. I pulled away from him and went into our spare bedroom, locking myself in.

Fred don’t know that his bitch been sending pictures of them to my phone. And I’m talking sex pictures, outings, and all that good shit. Shit, the nigga claim he don’t have time to do shit with me because he out making us money. Money don’t mean a muthafucking thing to me simply because money can’t fix my broken heart. Furthermore, I have my own damn money so his is just a bonus. He has never known what it felt like to wake up in a big ass bed alone. He never knew what it was like to cry yo damn self to sleep because ya man can’t get right. The nigga got his nose so far up the next bitch, he don’t realize he losing his main. I can’t say that I have hit my breaking point with this because I haven’t, but when I do—I’ll be a whole new bitch out here. I know for a fact that I deserve more than this, it’s just love has a funny way of letting you leave. When you’ve been bound to the same nigga close to a decade, you lose yourself. Especially if he ain’t treating you right after that long of a time, I should have ran for the hills, and never looked back. I lied my head back, thinking back to the first day I met him. I should have never gave his ass no play!

Back in the day niggas used to tell me to leave that fuck boy alone, but I didn’t listen. I be hearing all type of stories on how this nigga a whole pussy out here in the streets. I just chose to not go off he say she say, only a hating muthafucka talk that bull. But now, I’m slowly learning that they were only speaking the truth to my so called man. I heard footsteps coming towards the room that I locked myself in. He ain’t bout to do shit, but give me some excuse that I know for sure is a lie. All the lies he feeds me, you would think I don’t eat no real food. I be hungry for the loving that the nigga give, shit, he puts it down in the bed. All I ask for is his time and some respect, but I can’t get none of that. Why? Because he be too busy with these other broads.

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