Heart of Ice

By: Suzy K Quinn

Heart of Ice is Book III of the Bestselling Devoted Series.

When we last left Seraphina and Patrick in Bed of Ice …

In the grounds of Mansfield Castle, Patrick asked Seraphina to marry him. And of course, Seraphina said yes.

But Seraphina knows there are still challenges ahead.

Grandma May says that Anise and Bertie are lost. And that Anise still loves Regan Thornburn – the man who kidnapped her and Bertie.

And Bertie’s grandfather, Dirk Mansfield, continues to plot and scheme in prison. He wants to stop Bertie testifying against him. At all costs …

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful ring in my life.

The sapphire sparkles like blue fire.

I turn it under the sun, unable to take my eyes off it.

My engagement ring. My engagement ring.

I’ve never been one of those girls who dreamed about their wedding. In fact, I was never even sure I’d get married. I thought maybe I wouldn’t fall in love. That I’m just too headstrong to be anyone’s wife.

Yet here I am. Standing in Patrick’s long shadow. Giggling like a schoolgirl at this huge jewel on my finger.

Patrick takes my hand and smiles at the ring. ‘It suits you. Being my wife will suit you too.’ His smile broadens.

‘Oh will it now?’

‘Perfectly.’ He’s still staring at my fingers, a big grin on his face. ‘You’re going to be my wife.’ He lets out a short, joy-filled laugh. ‘My wife.’

‘I’m glad that makes you happy.’

‘Happy isn’t the word for it. I’m ecstatic. I’m overjoyed. I’m, I’m … complete.’

‘I’ve never known you trip over your words before.’

‘You’ve never known me after I’ve just proposed.’

‘Is this something you do often?’ I tease.

‘No.’ His face becomes serious. ‘Only ever once. And if you’d have said no …’

‘I was never going to say no.’

‘But if you had.’ He frowns at the grass.

‘I thought you knew everything about me Patrick. Surely you knew already that I’d say yes.’

Patrick smiles a little. ‘I had an idea you might.’

‘So you weren’t certain?’

‘I … I was fairly certain. But you’ve been known to be stubborn. To pull in the wrong direction …’

‘Not this time, Patrick. This time I listened to my heart.’

‘And it steered you right.’

I start to giggle.

‘I hope that’s a happy laugh, Miss Harper.’

‘It is.’

‘What’s so funny?’

‘I don’t know,’ I say. ‘I suppose this is just all so crazy.’

‘So us getting married is crazy, is it?’ Patrick raises his eyebrow.

‘A little bit.

‘You know I’m serious don’t you?’

I stop giggling then. ‘Yes,’ I say. Then I feel myself frown. ‘Except … Patrick, you haven’t met all my family yet. What if you change your mind when—’

Patrick cuts me off by pressing a finger to my lips. ‘I won’t change my mind. You’ll be my Lady Mansfield. And I will be the best husband there ever was.’

I feel a jolt in my stomach. ‘Lady Mansfield?’

‘I’m a Lord. So you’ll be Lady Mansfield.’

‘I will?’ I say, totally serious now. My mouth feels dry.

‘Yes. You will.’

‘Oh no, no, no. Patrick, that just doesn’t work. I’m hardly to the manor born. This is me we’re talking about. Couldn’t we just skip the title?’

‘There’s no way around it,’ says Patrick. ‘If you marry a Lord you become a Lady.’

I gulp. ‘Wow.’

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