Hell on Heels(69)

By: Victoria Vane

“I’m not ready to discuss it yet, Evan. It’s too soon.”

“There’s nothing left to keep you here once you sell the hotel,” Evan continued. “Let’s start over again. Isn’t it what you’d planned to do before all this happened?”

Was it what she’d planned?

Her entire life she’d known exactly who she was and what she wanted—or at least she’d thought she had. Deep down she’d always craved love and acceptance but had settled for professional success. Until Tom had come into her life, her career had always come first and relationships a distant second, but now it seemed everything was shifting like quicksand under her feet.

Who was she really and what did she really want? Was it a real estate mogul with an expensive penthouse apartment in lower Manhattan, or a swaggering cowboy and his rundown hotel on the garishly lit Las Vegas Strip? Putting logic aside, she searched her heart.

It was Ty. There had never been any real contest. She’d fallen for the damned smirking cowboy almost the moment she’d laid eyes on him—and the acknowledgment only made her more miserable.

It was Ty who’d broken the news to her and Ty’s strong arms that had held her as she wept. It had been too damned easy to fall right back into those arms and just as difficult to pull away again. But she had pulled away—to the safety of Evan, a man who didn’t love her any more than she loved him.

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