Highland Sparks:Logan and Gwyneth(10)

By: Keira Montclair

Living in a man’s world, Gwyneth had never held a bairn before, but Caralyn handed her over without a word, settling her on Gwyneth’s lap. Gracie had plopped her thumb in her mouth and leaned back against her, falling asleep to the lulling voice of Father Rab. After service, Caralyn had said, “She doesn’t go to others easily.”

Ashlyn had nodded. “You must be special.”

Gwyneth had never forgotten how special she felt that day, and how her friendship with the trio had grown since then.

She needed to see her brother, see her boss, and find two bairns. She would do this for Caralyn, Gracie, and Ashlyn. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

Chapter Four

Logan followed Robbie up the priory staircase. As soon as they stepped outside, he peppered him with questions. “Who’s the woman, Grant, and what is she to you?”

“She’s naught to me. Caralyn is a woman I found on the coastline south of Ayr. A Norseman was dragging her to his galley, and battered her along the way.”

“Hellfire, good thing you were there to stop it. Had to be enjoyable taking the Norse on. How do men beat defenseless women like that?”

“Caralyn wasn’t defenseless. She fought hard and got a few blows in, but he overtook her.”

“And now?”

“Now he’s a dead man.” Robbie glanced at his friend, a smirk on his face.

“And the two lassies?”

“They were hiding in the rocks. Their mama trained them well. I found them the next day after I brought Caralyn back to my camp. Since we were almost ready to skirmish and their home was destroyed by the Norse, I brought them to the priory here. A man who says he’s her husband took the three of them out of the priory back to his keep and has now hidden her girls to control her. I promised to help.”

Logan quirked his brow at his friend. “And?”

“And naught. That’s it. I don’t like the man, and I cringe when I think of where the wee lassies could be. The youngest, Gracie, reminds me of Lily.” He paused, watching Logan for his reaction. “You don’t have to follow if you have other plans. Tomas and I can handle it.”

“Aye, I’ll go along. What do you know of the one in leggings? What is the relationship between Caralyn and Gwyneth?”

“I have no idea. I met Gwyneth for the first time when you did. Caught your eye, I see.”

Logan scowled. “I suppose she has. She’s got spirit, but I can’t help but want to help a battered woman.”

“Doesn’t look like she wants your help.”

“True, but she has a sweet arse.” Logan smiled. “And she’s plotting revenge on her captor. I think she might need some help there. You know I’m all about helping defenseless lassies.”

“She doesn’t look defenseless to me.” Robbie gave Tomas a knowing look. “Where were you headed? Back home?”

“I was searching for you. Hadn’t made any further plans. Do you want help finding the lassies?”

“We could use your help. Do you know Glasgow?”

“Nay, not well. You’ll need someone as guidance. ‘Tis a big town.”

Logan stared at Robbie. “You are going after the wee ones now, are you not? You can’t ignore where the lassies could be.”

Robbie nodded. “We need a plan.”

“Aye. Do you have any idea where to start?” Logan asked.

“Nay. I don’t know Glasgow any more than you or Tomas. I suppose we’ll start by questioning people, or spending time in the market talking to local vendors. What ideas do you two have?”

A fourth person joined the group without a word of greeting. “I’ll go with you,” Gwyneth announced, hands on her hips as if daring someone to disagree.

Robbie asked, “Do you know Glasgow?”

Gwyneth nodded. “I know Glasgow and I’ll find the lassies. I have a hunch as to where Murray would hide them within town.”

“Then I welcome your assistance,” Robbie said.

Logan glanced between Robbie and Gwyneth. “What? Are you daft, lass? You belong on the pallet resting.”

Gwyneth retorted, “Like hell I do. You think just because I’m a lass, I’m not strong enough to join you?”

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