Highland Sparks:Logan and Gwyneth(4)

By: Keira Montclair

The woman shook her head, pushing her hand away and sobbing. Gwyneth looked around the boat again, but her first impression had been correct. There were no men. A small sliver of hope sprung inside her. Perhaps they wouldn’t be sent to the East. The Norse had done them a small favor.

Every last member of Erskine’s crew had been thrown overboard.

Chapter Two

Logan Ramsay spurred his horse forward, ignoring the voice in his head. You can stop now. You don’t need to protect everyone. Your niece and nephew are better now that Brenna Grant has healed them…

His brother Quade’s two children, Lily and Torrian, had both developed a sickness that had made them so ill they could not even get off their pallets. Torrian had barely been able to lift his head off his soft pillow, and he had been in too much pain to move. Logan, who loved the children as if they were his own, had been beside himself. Quade and his mother had stayed by the weans’ sides year after year. But he couldn’t handle it, choosing instead to wander whenever he felt overwhelmed by the failure of not being able to cure what ailed the wee ones.

Then he had kidnapped Brenna Grant, renowned as the best healer in the Highlands, and brought her to his home. She had not only healed both children, but also fallen in love with his brother and married him. Brenna, Quade’s wife, was quite simply the best thing to happen to his family. So he would now do anything for her. It was, he told himself, the reason he still rode.

Robbie Grant, the captain of the Grant warriors, was the reason he was on this journey. Robbie was Brenna’s brother, and he was determined to find him and bring him back to the Highlands. The Grant clan hadn’t heard from him since the Scots’ battle with the Norse at Largs, which had ended in a decisive victory for the Scots. Logan had taken it upon himself to ease the Grants’ minds, out of gratitude for all they had done for his own clan… And, perhaps, because Logan did not know what to do with himself when he was not on a mission.

Nudging his horse, Paz, he organized his plan in his head. Robbie Grant had just secured a powerful victory at Largs. There had been around four hundred Grant warriors in the field at one point. There had to be a group of them still in camp near Ayr. Even if Robbie had been sent south again after the battle, he must have left some clansmen in the royal burgh, close enough for Logan to discover more information.

King Alexander was unlikely to allow Logan into the royal castle, so he would have to dig up his information in the town of Ayr.

A couple more days and he should be close to Robbie Grant.


When he entered the royal burgh, Logan caught up with a couple of warriors dressed in the well-known Grant plaid. It didn’t take him long to determine Captain Robbie Grant’s location from them, though he wondered at their news. Robbie was apparently back at the royal castle, but word around the burgh was that the skirmish was over. The Scots had sent the Norse running home.

He sidled up to the castle gate and waited there for an hour or so, smiling as soon as his quarry exited the castle. “Grant, would you make haste?” he called out. “I need to speak to you.”

Robbie Grant squinted at him but didn’t speak. Hell, the man appeared dazed.

“Will you stop your staring? Can you not recognize one of your sister’s family members?”

Robbie peered at him before breaking out into a broad smile. “Logan? Logan Ramsay? What in hellfire brings you here, you hedge-born halfwit?” He hurried out of the gate with his friend Tomas fast behind him.

Logan grasped Robbie by both shoulders once they met on the cobblestones. “Halfwit, is it? We’ll see what your brothers call you when you get home. They’re vexed over your disappearance and sent me to find you.”

Robbie cocked his head at him. “Somehow, I doubt my brothers sent you to find me.”

Logan couldn’t contain his smirk. Grant knew him well enough to correctly assess the situation. Most people in his close circle were aware of his need to wander.

Robbie continued. “You couldn’t stay in one place, so you came here on your own. Dundonald informed my brother of what I was doing, and I already sent one group of warriors home. My brothers couldn’t have been overly concerned about my welfare. ”

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