Highness (The Lonely Heart Series)

By: Latrivia S. Nelson

A Lonely Heart Series Novel

Chapter 1

London, UK


The sun seemed bright. Too bright.

Rolling over in the bed to cover his face from the glimmering rays, Michael suddenly realized that it was morning, or at least daytime. The exact hour was as questionable as…

Oh God, where was he? His body went rigid in its stillness. While not fully sure of the answer to his question, he was still grateful it was not somewhere public. He had done that once as a young man in his 20s, and made front page news.

His auditory functions kicked in first. Without opening his eyes, he listened carefully to his surroundings. Through the open window to the left of him, he could hear vehicles driving down the street in the distance and the echo of people talking outside. Based upon their dialect, they were poor, and at least one of them was drunk and furious over 20 quid.

The smell of the room was the next thing he noticed. It was a curious and unintentional mix of cheap perfume, curry, and marijuana, which meant he had either gone home with a young woman over 18 but and under 25 years of age or a cross-dressing, Indian man who would soon have the munchies.

As he moved into a groggy consciousness, vivid flashes of the night before clouded his mind.

All Michael could remember before blacking out the night before was walking into Boujis, a well-known West London club with his entourage, where he decided to forgo VIP, and proceed straight to the main bar where he was forced to take a hundred selfies with socialites, down shots of Whiskey with celebrities and dance with pretty half-naked locals to DJ Klaus. By all accounts, the same thing he did any Saturday that he could steal away from travels and work.

About ten Whiskey’s and jelly body shots later, everything quickly and abruptly faded to black. The club began to swim. The music became louder. The strobe lights became dizzying and whatever he said after that, he should not be accountable for in a court of law.

Fast forwarding to early dawn, which was the next flash of conscious poor decisions, he vaguely recalled giggling girls undressing and fumbling with an edible condom in the dark, but who the girls were was as much of a mystery as what had truly happened afterward. Questions plagued him. Had he passed out cold or had he completed the deal?

There was only one way to find out.

Reluctantly, he finally opened the slits of his crystal blue eyes and focused.

There was a dirty blonde beside him on the bed, looking directly at him with a smile on her face – a sort of twisted smile. It was the kind a woman gave when she was proud of herself for her performance the night before. She was young, over 18 for sure but barely in her 20s. With a round face sprinkled with freckles and doe-like chocolate brown eyes, she gazed at him as if she was waiting for him to say something. Approve of her performance, perhaps?

Pity, he didn’t remember the night before. And he didn’t recognize her from Adam, but he did recognize his tailor-made Oxford, which she now wore and would probably ask to keep. Sure of this from multiple previous experiences, he made a mental note not to ask for it back this time.

“Good morning, love,” she said, biting her pouty pink lips. From what he could tell, they were the most attractive things on her.

Michael blinked hard and stretched out his long body. “Good morning,” he said at the same time covering up his mouth. Ugh. Morning breath. Only, he wasn’t sure if it was his or hers.

Raising his head up slightly, he yawned again and checked out the room.

First glance revealed a small bedroom littered with piles of clothes, old fast food containers, and posters of rock bands.

“Good morning,” another voice said from the other side of the large bed. He turned unenthusiastically and stared at a voluptuous mid-to-late 20s redhead, still very naked. Like a cat, she slinked up closer to him and rubbed down the center of his muscular back with the tips of her tiny fingers. Her blue eyes sparkled bright with promising mischief.

Now, he could understand how she had gotten him in bed, but the blonde must have been value added, like the coupons one gets in the bottom of a box after purchasing a very large piece of kitchenware.

He smiled back at the redhead, mirroring her knowing grin and then realized that he too was naked, only because at that moment, she was giving him a serious erection, or maybe it was just morning wood, though he dared not go to the loo in this place unless he was near an eruption.

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