His Fantasy Girl (Things To Do Before You Die)(77)

By: Nina Croft

She didn’t have to think about her reply. “I love you too.”

A cheer went up around the room.

Logan exhaled loudly, and the last of the tension oozed out of him. He’d clearly been in no way sure of her. “Good.”

“Is this one of your fantasies?” she asked.

“No, this is as real as it gets.” He took a deep breath. “So, Sergeant Abigail Parker, will you marry me?”

She held out a shaking hand, and he slipped the ring on her finger. “I will.”


“I hate bloody boats,” Logan muttered.

They were honeymooning on the island of Sicily, staying in the extremely luxurious villa of one of Logan’s friends, Vittorio D’Ascensio, whom she’d met at the wedding a week ago. The yacht was also Vito’s, and they’d taken it out for the day. The sea was calm, but even so, Logan’s face held a tinge of green.

“We didn’t have to come,” she said.

“I wanted to show you.” He held on to the railing with one hand and waved the other out toward the rocky shoreline. “That’s where the ship went down. We were right here when I decided that no way was I going to die without finding my fantasy girl.”

She moved to stand beside him at the rail, wrapping her arm around his waist as she gazed out over the flat sea. The water was a deep turquoise blue, reflecting the clear sky above them, and the sun was hot on her back. “So if you’d never gone on the boat, you would never have come to find me?”

He turned to peer down at her, a lazy smile curling his beautiful lips. “I think I would have come to find you in the end. The life and death thing just nudged me in the right direction.”

A shiver ran through her as she realized how close he had come to dying. They might never have met again. The idea seemed inconceivable. “Nothing like the thought of dying to make you realize what you really want.”

“Exactly. And I wanted my fantasy girl.”

“You have her.”

“Actually, I have my fantasy woman.” He lowered his head and kissed her neck, sending ripples of desire spreading through her. Then he nipped her skin. “So why don’t we head back to solid ground.”

“Are we going to do the fantasy thing?” Her body tingled at the thought. She’d even packed her handcuffs, because she’d never been able to get that particular image out of her mind. Maybe today…

“I don’t need fantasies anymore,” Logan said. “I have the real thing.”


He grinned. “Okay, perhaps I still have a few left.”

“Enough for a lifetime?”

“More than enough.”

She leaned across and kissed him slowly and thoroughly. “My fantasy guy.”

The End

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