Home (Among the Dead Book 3)

By: Raven K. Asher

Chapter 1

Walking…I had done a lot of it in the past two days.

My mind had become nearly numb to everything surrounding me. The horses had thankfully been able to pull me out of my fog to warn me of danger.

They had saved me from getting myself killed a few times already.

For two days we had been making our way through the endless forest. I was beginning to fear that we would never make it out.

To be honest we were probably walking in circles.

Stopping, I fall to my knees while releasing the ropes that I had been using to lead the horses. I place my face into my hands and cry.

This had been a regular routine for me.

The grief of losing Matt was still hitting me hard. The simple fact that I was currently alone and lost didn’t help. It was only causing me to fall deeper into a dark depression.

Like usual the horses both move in close to nuzzle their noses against me. They hadn’t left my side no matter what. I don’t know if they sensed that I needed them but they were keeping me going. They gave me purpose to move forward.

After a few minutes I wipe my face and then stand back up before turning around to hug the horses’ necks.

“We need to find somewhere to stay.” I sigh as I hold on tightly to Matt’s horse.

He whinnies softly and I pull back before gathering their ropes to lead them through the trees again.

One way or another we would find a way out.

“Do you even think she knows where she’s going?” I question Zach as we follow the trail that River had been leaving.

Zach sighs as he pauses to rub the back of his neck. “I doubt it. She’s probably a mess right now. Where she’s going is probably the last thing on her mind right now.”

“I don’t understand how we haven’t caught up to her yet.” I grunt in frustration.

Zach nods in agreement. We had been following her for days but there didn’t seem to be enough light in the day. We were always two steps behind her.

“She probably hasn’t slept much.” Zach replies.

I nod but remain quiet. I didn’t want to bring anything up that would stress him out anymore than he already was. That and I didn’t want to cause him anymore guilt.

Ever since we had found Matt’s body he had been internally kicking himself.

There had been a dark cloud hanging over him and with every day that passed by without River it grew darker.

Every day without Shaylee was taking its toll on me as well.

“You haven’t slept much either, you know.” I sigh.

He nods and then yawns. “I’ll sleep later.”

“You can sleep now. Get onto the back of your horse and I’ll follow River’s trail. If I stumble across anything you’ll be the first to know.” I insist.

He thankfully nods.

I had half expected him to fight me like he had done all of the other times when I had pushed him to sleep, but this time he gives in easily.

Sadly I didn’t think he had any fight left in him.

Zach bows his head before quietly moving around to the side of the horse before letting out a low grunt while lifting himself up onto the horse’s back.

“Are you ready to go?” I ask.

He nods. “I’m ready. Just keep an eye out for danger, Gale.”

“I will.” I promise while taking the reins for the horse into my hand before moving forward to lead us after River.

After a few moments I glance back to see Zach hunched over the horse, sound asleep.

Turning my attention forward I scan the trees before following the trail of kicked up leaves that River had disturbed by dragging her feet.

With every step I took my heart ached that much more for her.

Coming to a stop, I scan the clearing that I had just come across.

I was right on the edge of an unfamiliar town. I didn’t recognize anything, not even a single building, which meant I was far away from my old hometown.

“I’m never going to get home again.” I sigh, discouraged.

My heart grows heavy with thoughts of never seeing the people who had become like family to me. I wasn’t going to see Knox, Gale, or Jack.

Worst of all I wouldn’t see Zach again.

That thought makes my heartache even worse. All I wanted right now was to be held in his arms. I wanted to feel his warm breath fanning over my cheek while telling me that everything would be fine.

Also By Raven K. Asher

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