Hot, Sexy & Bad(4)

By: Judy Angelo

“I can do better than that. Her name tag says ‘Arie’. Check her out for me, will you? Get her contact information to my personal assistant and she’ll take it from there.”

“Consider it done.” Tom gave him a brusque nod. “The planning manager made all the arrangements with the catering company. She can get that information to me in quick time.”

Rome did not lay eyes on the mysterious Miss Arie again that evening but by the time he returned to office on Monday his personal assistant knew exactly how to reach her.

“Have her come in to see me when I get back from Italy,” he told her. “Make it a week from Monday.”

Iyana looked up from where she’d been tapping on her keyboard. She swiveled her chair around to face him. “Do you have another date I could throw out there? What if she’s not available for this one?”

Rome almost laughed. The way that girl had looked at him, he knew she would make herself available.

“Just call her,” he said as he turned to go back into his office. “I have no doubt she will be.”


“Wow! He’s even bigger than I thought.” Arie stared at the computer screen as the face of Rome Milano filled her view.

With Thanksgiving and all the events that came with it, the past week had been crazy-busy, so busy that she hadn’t had time to even boot up her computer. Now that the holiday was behind them she was finally doing her checks on the man who’d so captivated her from the moment she first laid eyes on him.

“Well, you knew he was big, didn’t you? After all, the man was introduced as the CEO.” Lena shook her head. “Weren’t you listening?”

“I heard all that,” Arie gave an impatient shake of her head, “but I thought he’d been hired for that job. I didn’t know he owned the whole shebang. The man is a European billionaire.” The words came out in a soft, almost reverent whisper. “I could see he was important, I just never guessed how much.”

“Well, now you know.” Lena walked over and perched on the side of Arie’s desk. “And, like I said, way out of your league.”

Arie grimaced then heaved a dramatic sigh. “Maybe you’re right. There’s no way a man like him would be interested in someone like me.”

“Maybe?” Lena cocked an eyebrow. “I’m always right.” Then, shaking her head, she gave Arie a sympathetic smile. “That man moves in circles way different from ours. He probably doesn’t even live here. We may never lay eyes on him again.”

Arie’s heart sank. That was a depressing thought if there ever was one. It wasn’t that she had her head in the clouds. Of course she knew she didn’t have the chance of a snow cone in hell but the thought that she would never see him again…

“Hey, this is some interesting stuff.” Lena peered at the monitor then reached out to tap the down arrow so the photo scrolled up and more words appeared on the screen. “Italian, thirty-one years old, from the mega-rich Milano family in Italy. Four generations rich. Crimey.” She scrolled some more. “Hey, he went to school here. Got his MBA from Stanford. Nice.”

Arie grimaced. Much good that would do her. The man was still inaccessible in so many more ways than one.

Why couldn’t he have been from a humble background, a man who’d had to work to create his wealth? At least that way he would have some sort of connection with ordinary folk like her. Better yet, why couldn’t he have been an employee of the firm, a struggling artist or even a model? Anything except what he really was – way out of her reach.

Because this weird attraction she had for him, it wasn’t just his looks. There was something about him that she couldn’t explain, something that just clicked.

“And guess what?” Lena’s chortle broke into her musings. “He’s free, single and disengaged. How is that even possible?”

Arie groaned. “Don’t rub it in, will you?” Reaching for the mouse she clicked to close the screen, effectively removing from view the source of her distress. “I almost wish you’d said he was married. That’d be sure to knock him out of my system real fast.”

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