Hot, Sexy & Bad(6)

By: Judy Angelo

“Didn’t sound like there was a problem to me. His assistant was as chirpy as could be.”

Arie narrowed her eyes. “I thought you said Rome Milano called.”

Lena shrugged. “His office called. Same difference. Mr. Milano summoned you to a meeting tomorrow afternoon, three o’clock. I accepted on your behalf.”

“A meeting?” Baffled, Arie cocked her head to one side as she stared at her friend. “What sort of meeting?”

Lena shook her head. “Don’t ask me. But does it matter? You got what you’ve been dreaming of. You’re going to see your man.” Lena chuckled. “I thought you’d be jumping all over the place at the news. Aren’t you excited?”

Slowly, Arie nodded, letting the news sink in. As she thought about it her face melted into a smile then broke into a wide grin. “Of course, I’m excited. I was just…in shock.” Then, as another delicious thought slipped into her mind she gazed off into space, losing herself in a momentary fantasy. “Maybe he likes me?”

That made Lena laugh out loud. “You’re quite the dreamer, you know that?” She walked back to her desk and plopped down in her chair, still shaking her head as she smiled up at Arie. “One thing’s for sure, you’re not short on ambition.”

Arie smiled back but she didn’t say a word. Out of the blue she’d been blessed with this chance to see Rome Milano again. Right now the gods were on her side and she would not squander their gift.

If she played her cards right she might just get a date with hottie Rome Milano, and it might just happen by the holidays.


Rome picked up his cell phone and glanced at the time. Two fifty-six. In another four minutes he would see his mystery woman again.

His personal assistant had set up the meeting and had even gone through the trouble of putting together a folder with a profile of the woman, including photo, résumé and more. Pity he hadn’t had the chance to go through it. He’d come back from Italy two days later than planned, walking off the plane straight into a board meeting and it had been non-stop meetings ever since. He’d only just got back from one three minutes earlier.

It didn’t matter, though. He didn’t need to see the girl’s resume to know that she’d be good at whatever task she was assigned. He could see it in the way she carried herself – back straight, mouth set in a determined line, eyes never wavering as she met your gaze head-on. The girl was bold and he could see she was businesslike. She would be a great addition to any team. And the fact that she’d caught his interest in other ways was totally irrelevant.

At exactly three o’clock he heard a knock at his door and Iyana stuck her head in.

“Miss Angelis is here to see you.”

Excellent. His guest had passed the first test. She was right on time.

“Send her in.” Rome got up from around his desk and walked across the four hundred square foot space. He always made it a point to meet his visitors at the door and today would be no exception.

He was almost there when Arie Angelis stepped in, looking nothing like when he’d first seen her. If anything, in her navy-blue tailored skirt suit she looked even more stunning.

Her long blonde hair was swept up in an elegant bun and her soft lips, now colored dusky pink, seemed fuller than he remembered. But those eyes, as blue and mysterious as the ocean, were still just as bold and just as direct. The girl didn’t have a shy bone in her body.

“Miss Angelis.” Rome held out his hand and when she smiled and slid her soft one in his, he shook it and gave her a deferent nod. “Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she said, her smile brightening ever so slightly, a hint color kissing her cheeks.

For one brief moment he could not move, nor did he want to. He was no poet but he’d almost say her fresh-faced beauty was like the dawning of a brand new day. Captivating.

Realizing he’d been holding her hand just a little bit too long, Rome released her and directed her to a seat then he circled the desk and sat down behind it. Sitting back in his chair, he propped his elbows on the arms and tented his fingers. “I imagine you’re wondering why I asked you to come.”

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