I Married The Wrong Person(3)

By: Tiffany Taylor

“Trey, I understand that but what if we get a house with a nice guest house in the back. Your grandparents can come live with us.” He tried to convince me of his point.

“Marlon, no more talk of moving. We will not be looking for a house any time soon.” I picked the cup back up again. “My grandparents are not having that right now. I just can’t ask them to pick up and move. They are content people.”

“Ok, Ok. For the sake of your grandparents, we will stay here for as long as it takes. Or until I can’t take it anymore,” he said, getting up to go back to the fridge.

“Thank you. Plus, I couldn’t see myself moving away from my friends,” I said, slipping that reason in there too, just to make him mad.

“Your friends?” he shouted, taking a donut off the shelf. “Don’t you get with them every week? What can you women be talking about that doesn’t have a solution yet? You have this little ‘ladies’ night every week,” he said, while putting up quotation in the air.

“It’s a book club,” I said, resenting what he implied.

“You haven’t finished a book yet. For the past six or seven weeks, you put that same book on the table. It’s taking y’all that long to complete one book?” He knew that the book club thing is just an excuse to get together and man bash.

“Well, most of the time, we get side tracked and start talking about other stuff.” I got up from the table and walked over to the refrigerator, not looking at him, so he wouldn’t ask me what we talk about. Which he knows always pertain to marriage.

“Other stuff like what? And please don’t tell me the bible!” he said, watching me closely as I walked around the newly rebuilt island in the kitchen to reach for the toaster to drop in a bagel.

“Yes, the bible. But other stuff too.” I didn’t believe he said it like that as much as I’m involved in church. Marlon goes from time to time but he’s not as active as I am. When we got married, he was not a member of a church, so I was able to invite him to mine, which I had been a member since I came to live with my grandparents. Solid Rock Baptist Church has been around for years. My grandfather is a deacon there while my grandmother serves as an usher. When he visited, he enjoyed Pastor Simmons so much that he was saved and joined after only being there for a couple of hours. He said he had never heard the bible preached like that before. Pastor Simmons is a down to earth pastor that tells it like it is. He’s not ashamed of being transparent in front of his congregation either. Marlon really respects that about him. But as time went on, so did the reality of him being active in church. He loves the church but seems to be more focused on his job right now. Not to mention the little affair he had with the church secretary that I found out about that stopped his frequent visits. I forgave him for it, even though it hurt me to my soul and we moved on, but I still can’t forget it so it comes up from time to time.

“Like what? Other than the bible you girls talk about what?” he asked, putting down the glass of juice he was drinking and waiting to hear my answer.

“Stuff like women products, bad hair days, work, and marriage,” I further explained, while pushing down the knob on the toaster.

“Y’all talk about marriage?” He was shocked to hear me admit that aloud.

“Yes, we talk about marriage. We talk about a lot of issues.”

“Oh, marriage is an issue now?” he asked, trying to see if I was going through an issue of my own. “I know that we’ve been through some stuff, but we have gotten past it. Just tell me, are there any issues that you having right now?”

“None. Well, at least not now. But marriage is something that you have to work on daily.” I tried to make sure he’s not seeing any signs of something being wrong in our life, even though I have been telling him that I would like to spend more time together. And not to mention the dinner fiasco from last night.

“I know you don’t bring up my name in your little discussions. That’s all I need, your little gossiping friends going around spreading my business at church like last time. I don’t need that, Trey. So, when you have your talks, be mindful of what you say about me.” He grabbed his briefcase, opened it, and started to straighten out some papers.

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