I Married The Wrong Person(45)

By: Tiffany Taylor

“See, what if you were to have forgiven Joe? Where do you think you guys would be today?” Tracey asked.

“To be real honest, I don’t know. He’s a pastor now in some church over in the suburbs. He’s married, too,” I answered. Now I was thinking to myself that I’m kind of glad we didn’t work out because I don’t think I would want to be a ‘pastor’s wife’. A pastor’s wife would have to share her husband with so many people. I’d be a woman that women would automatically think I’m a snob or better than them. A woman who would have to answer questions and always mind her P’s and Q’s.

“You would have been a first lady. You would be in a place where ladies are looking up to you and admiring you. Coming to you for advice. You would probably be more in the Word and probably teaching. I know I certainly look up to my first lady. I even wish I was her sometimes. She’s such a wonderful woman of God,” Tracey said, not realizing that was the same thought I had, but she made it sound just a little better than what I was thinking about being a first lady. Now I’m thinking, did I make a decision that totally turned my destiny in a wrong direction? After Joe, I totally looked at men in a different light and I tried to find a man who was the total opposite of Joe altogether. But now I was thinking, was I right in doing that? Was I supposed to be married to Brian? Or Joe? And if not Joe, someone like Joe?

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