I Married The Wrong Person(5)

By: Tiffany Taylor

I had given up on trying to stay in bed. I didn’t have to be to work until ten o’clock, but everyone else in my house had to go to school at 8:00am and Brian to work at 9:00am. So, it bothered me that it was 6:30am and my life was filled with so much noise. I decided to jump out of the bed to see if some things could be quieted down so possibly I can still get at least another thirty minutes to an hour of sleep. As I rose up out of bed, the cover flew over, flinging the remote to the television. It hit me in the knee and it hurt just enough to sting. Now, being more annoyed than ever, I reached down, grabbed it, and threw it down on the floor, as if it was not my fault at all I felt that pain. Then I went over to slam down the window. I was tired of hearing that beeping from the trash truck and I wanted it to stop. I pulled the two curtains together to make sure no sunlight was getting in. I then opened the door and yelled to the top of my lungs, “Dawn and Debra, wear the blue shirts; Donald, stop bouncing that ball, and Brian, will you please answer both phones. It is too early for all this!”

After slamming the bedroom door behind all those very heavy commands, I just stood there and for a second, there was no noise. I realized that maybe it worked and I could crawl back in bed to get some much needed sleep. But it was too good to be true. I then heard the words of my husband.

“I told you guys not to wake your mother!” he yelled to all of them from the kitchen while he was making lunches. The kids were in their own rooms and for a brief second, managed to obey.

While trying to get back in the bed, I stepped on the remote I had just thrown on the floor and the knobs pierced my toe. The television turned on with a volume that surpassed ten. The twins began to arguing back and forth again, and by now, Donald was no longer playing with his ball but listening to some very loud rap music. I couldn’t help but think to myself and quietly say “Please God, make them stop.” I threw myself face down on the bed, trying to get over the madness.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Brian asked, opening the door rather quickly with a cup of coffee in one hand and a plate of eggs in the other.

“I’m trying to remember a time when I was alone and it was quiet,” I answered him with her face still buried in the pillow and him barely being able to hear me.

“I’m sorry honey; I’ll make the kids stop. Get back in bed until it’s time for you to get up.” He reached for the remote after putting down the plate on the nightstand and picked up his cellphone all at the same time. He turned off the TV and closed the door behind him. Then, he opened it again. Apparently, he forgot that he had put his eggs on the nightstand and was coming back for them. It was useless. There was no way for me to get back to sleep.

“You know what, Brian? Let me just get up and make sure that the kids get off to school.” I sat up and picked up my robe from the edge of the bed and put on my house shoes and walked past him, giving him the plate of eggs he had left.

“Are you sure?” He was still trying to juggle everything in his hand.

“Yeah, I’m up now. I can’t go back to sleep.”

“Ok, well the twins have picture day today and they are not really clear on what to wear. Donald is just running around being himself. And I really have to go because I have to stop at the gas station before work.” He had walked out the room and now started to follow me into the kitchen. “Speaking of gas, since you are up, would you mind taking us all to school and work? Then you can use my car to go to work.”

“Brian, why would I do that? My car works fine,” I asked him, sounding confused.

“I know, it’s just that last week, we spent an awful lot in gas going to different places and I just think we need to drive one car for the rest of this week to save on gas.”

“Brian, I will not do that. We will drive different cars and deal with the gas amount later.”

“Nicole, you know that I’m just trying to cut corners and make ends meet!” He stood there in disbelief of the fact that I showed little to no sense of understanding nor concern about his suggestion.

“So, cut corners by taking them in your own car and I’ll make ends meet in my car.” I gave him a look on my face that said ‘that was the last word’. He had seen that face many times.

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