I Married The Wrong Person(7)

By: Tiffany Taylor

Dawn looked at me and was not sure if I was about to be emotional. “Well, can Deb and I go to Kathy’s house after school today to hang out?”

“No. You girls have to be here tonight. I have my book club meeting,” I said, not wanting the moment to end but I was realizing that my daughter has not a care in the world but hanging out.

“But mom, you always go there. Why do we always have to babysit? Yeah, why can’t Pam just be here to babysit? Her and her mom likes being here anyway, so they can laugh and joke and have fun with dad,” both girls said in unison one after another.

I wanted to address the shock I had on my face when the girls vented about the babysitter and her mom, but I didn’t want to make a big deal at that time. “Because. That’s my only free time. So, come straight home and if your father is not here, Pam will be here. Make sure Donald gets an after school snack and you girls complete all your homework.” I wanted to ask her what she meant by her having fun with her father. Pam was only a teenager and I couldn’t imagine how much fun her and her mother could be having with my husband.

I walked out of their room and Brian saw me picking up a toy that was left out that Donald had. “Nicole, make sure to tell me if you buy anything on the debit card tonight. We have to keep a certain balance and I know that the water bill will be coming soon!” he yelled, still thinking about the bills while putting on his coat.

“Brian, please. Stop it with all the bill talk. I know what needs to be paid and when it needs to be paid. But, I’m not gonna be on egg shells if I wanna buy a stick of bubble gum because of bills.” I was now beginning to be really very annoyed with him. All he ever thought about was what needed to be paid or what was already paid.

“I didn’t say not to buy anything. I just said let me know if you do,” he said, looking confused again. He wasn’t sure why I wasn’t more on board with wanting to keep a household budget.

“I’m going to work and while I’m there, gonna buy lunch. I go at two o’clock and it’s usually with Sarah and Patty. I’m gonna get Wendy’s. I generally get the chicken sandwich special. The meal, not just the sandwich. It’s gonna cost $6.78. Then, I’m leaving work. I always have a headache, so I may stop at CVS and get an aspirin or two. It may cost $3 or $4, depending on which brand I get. After that, I’m going to Tracey’s house and because she lives upstairs from her grandmother’s market, I may just stop in and get a bag of chips or a bottle of wine. It may cost $10 or it may cost $20. So, in all, the total amount that I’m liable to spend today is $30 or $40. Is that ok with you?” I asked, walking closer to him each time I named off an item.

“All I want to know is why you would buy aspirin when we have a cabinet full of medicine here?” he asked.

“All I want to know is what kind of fun are you having with the babysitter and her mom that they don’t mind being here all the time?”

The twins had come out their room and stopped to wait to hear my answer looking back and forth from me to Brian. “Kids, go to the car. I need to talk to your mother.” He waited until he knew they were out the door and it was closed shut before he started to make a statement.

“Nicole, what are you trying to ask me? Do you think I’m having an affair with the Pam’s mother?

“I just asked a valid question. But since you asked, are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Having an affair with Pam’s mother?”

“What do you think?” he yelled.

“I don’t know, that’s why I asked.”

“We are not having this conversation,” he said, walking away to avoid anything getting more heated than they were already.

“We are having it and I want an answer. You have been acting funny lately and I just want to know if that’s the reason why.”

“I’ve been acting funny? You are the one that’s been walking around here like the entire world has pissed you off. I’ve been acting myself. Taking care of my children, watching our spending, and trying to find out what the hell is wrong with you!”

“Don’t yell at me.”

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