I Married The Wrong Person

By: Tiffany Taylor

From The Author

First and foremost I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without You I can do nothing, but with You I can do all things. You are My Strength! This novel was inspired by a series from Pastor Mike and DeeDee Freeman’s Marriage Made EZ ministry. The characters are fictional and based on real life events written to encourage those who have made vows "for better, or worse." I would like to thank my mom Evangelist Dorothy Alexander for being my living example of what the virtuous woman looks like. I would like to thank my brother and sister, Pastor James and Mia Taylor for being my support and sharing your love, experience and counsel with over 20 years of marriage under your belts. To my dad Bishop James Taylor and my siblings Ursula, Charles, Tonya, Erica, James Ray, Jasmine and the entire Taylor Gang....thank you for your love, prayers and support. A special thanks to the ladies that God has placed in my life as shoulders to lean, laugh and sometimes even cry on....Deborah Hardrick, Hope Washington, Dominique Gresham, Correy Bell, Grashovia Wilson and Jenipher Jones. Love You Sisters To Life! To my Spiritual Covering Bishop and Dr. Hall and the entire God Inspired Family....Thank you for the connection and the opportunity to serve in ministry. To the God-Sent individuals that have stepped in to provide biblical guidance an Pastors Terrence and Sabrina Hazzard....Words cannot express the love and respect that I have for you all! Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Be Blessed,


This book is dedicated to Victoria Patrice Flenorl. Rest In Paradise

Chapter 1 – Tracey

It was the first sight of morning when I was lying in bed not moving until I heard the clock radio sound off, telling me it was time to get ready for work. There was a little ray of sunshine that peeked through the cracks of my tan and brown curtain that hung from the window, shining on my face. With my eyes still closed, I laid there being stubborn until I heard the clock radio blast the song by Kirk Franklin ‘Smile’. Now, throwing back the covers and reaching out my hand to pat the empty side of the bed, I don’t feel my husband. I looked around the room to see where he could be.

I felt relief after hearing the shower going from the bathroom. That meant he hadn’t left yet. I figured that I could start my day off right by jumping in with him. I slowly crept out of bed, not even grabbing a robe, and stepped over my furry house slippers conveniently placed by the bed. I had worn them the night prior, trying to be romantic for him. The attempts didn’t work though because he never showed. He had worked well after midnight and I didn’t know if he was really working or just out because of the extra activities he has been involved in lately that he won’t tell me about. I just hope it isn’t anything illegal that can get him disbarred.

Nevertheless, by the time he came home, I was already asleep. The candles that were lit had burned out and the dinner I prepared I imagined was still sitting on the dining room table because I don’t remember putting it away. Fresh strawberries still sat on the nightstand next to the can of whip cream, which is now probably runny and hot. I had planned a very good night filled with a romantic bubble bath and massage and me showing him how much I appreciated being married to him. A night of him enjoying all the physical things he likes topped off with love making. But it was ruined. So, I thought that this morning’s shower would be our way of making up for a failed evening.

As I got to the door, I attempted to open it slowly to make sure he didn’t hear me enter. Then, I slipped off my sexy little red night gown trimmed in black lace, throwing it over the double vanity. I was reaching for the handle when I heard the water stop. Standing there, my shoulders dropped and my face instantly showed disappointed.

He had opened the shower door and was startled by my appearance, but never took the time to question why I was standing there completely naked.

“Oh, I’m finished. Did you want to use the shower, sweetheart?” he asked, still not paying attention to my expression.

“No, dear. Well, kind of. But I wanted to get in with you,” I said with the sweetest little voice, trying to see if I could re-enact the moment.

“I’m sorry, babe; I’m just in a hurry this morning. I have a 9am meeting and I’m already off to a late start.” He put a towel around his waist after wiping off water from his low cut hair. Then he grabbed my gown that I had slipped off and landed on his shaving kit. He was about to trim up the thin layer of hair above his lip. But he still had no response to the fact that his wife was still standing there in the nude and longing for attention.

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