I Wanted a White Man so I Made Him Watch

By: Latoya Heart

Chapter I

“Yes Jazmine, good, just hold it right there. Don’t move.”

I struggled to hold the position Kai wanted me in but with his strong hands guiding me I wasn’t going to disappoint him.

“Don’t stop, almost there.”

I groaned, sweat was beading all over my body and my arms were beginning to shake. He had really tired me out this time. I didn’t know where he got all his energy from, I could barely keep up.

“That’s good you can let it down now,” Kai said finally.

I let the bar down slow, I didn’t want to just throw the weights down onto the ground. Kai handed me my towel then the bottle of water. I gulped down half the contents before wiping my face and waiting for the next part of his instructions.

“Looks like we are finished up with the weights for today, you did a good job. You’re really improving every time I see you, we’ve already got you he body that you wanted,” he said pointing to me in the mirror.

I looked myself over, turning to the side to see the developed curves and my hard worked toned stomach. I had to admit he had lived up to his word, he got me into the best shape of my life. I didn’t have any complaints, where that was concerned anyway. If I could only get my husband in the gym and working on himself I would be a happy camper. He wasn’t much for being active since we married, if it required him to get out of his relaxing clothes or out of his home office he wasn’t going to do it. He wasn’t a man like Kai was, Kai was handsome, strong, confident, and if his workout shorts were any indication had quite the large package between his legs. Rick wasn’t any of that, it hadn’t seemed to bother me till I decided I wanted to get out of the rut I had been in. Now, he just couldn’t satisfy any of my needs.

“I have to say, you do know how to make a woman look good.”

“I aim to please,” he said with a smile, “but it doesn’t happen if you don’t put in the work and you’ve done that. Now it’s paying off.”

I sat down on the mat with my legs straight and leaned forward stretching the backs of my thighs as I touched the toe of my sneakers.

“So what are you doing later today?”

Kia stood next to me watching over my posture, “after this I have a few more clients then just going to head home and do some reading.”

“Not going out? That sounds unusual for you.”

“Yeah, I broke up with the girlfriend a few weeks back. I’ve been taking some me time lately - separate your legs and stretch your sides next.”

I repositioned, I turned to face Kia and spread my legs wide apart. My near skin tight shorts pulled against my skin, I knew that it was showing off the outline of my lips but I didn’t care. In fact if I am honest, I wanted to show off to him. He noticed, his eyes tried to stay on my eyes but they dropped going over my body then between my legs before returning to my gaze. I leaned from one side then the other before leaning forward till my breasts touched the mat.

“Very good, you’ve really improved your flexibility.”

“Oh yes, I haven’t been this limber since I was getting into college.”

I kept my eyes on him taking in his physique, he was the essence of man. He stood easily at six foot four with broad muscular shoulders and large biceps. His large chest tapered down to a toned flat stomach that even though covered by a shirt you could count his abs. My husband was nothing like this man, in fact I had never had interaction with a man like this before ever.

I stood up and kept his gaze for a couple seconds, “watch this.”

I leaned backward my hands over my head bending back, and back till I created an arch with my body and my hands touched the mat behind me. I carried my leg up and over the other following till I was standing back up again.

“Wow, that’s impressive Jazmine.”

“I know, right? This is all been really great for me, I just wish I knew how to thank you,” I walked back to him and touched his arm.

“It’s a reward in itself to see how far you’ve come.”

“Hmm, that’s not good enough. How about dinner tonight?”

Kai looked uneasy, “ I don’t know if that would be appropriate.”

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