Illicit Behavior: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance(137)

By: Nikki Wild

“Tick-tock, Becky. Take too long and I pick for you,” I said in a sing-song voice, which only seemed to make her more nervous.

“I—Dare! Wait! Truth!”

“Sorry, Becks, no take-backsies,” I said with my shit-eating grin. “Dare it is.”

Maybe it was just the kind of guy that I was, but dares were always my favorite, even when I was on the receiving end of them. Something about making people do what I wanted just did it for me in a way I couldn’t describe, even when I had to do something else in return.

“I dare you…” I began, making sure to draw my words out, enhancing the tension that seemed to bubble up in the room as all eyes turned on Becky. “I dare you to go into that closet and play a good, old-fashioned game of Seven Minutes of Heaven with whatever guy I send in there after you.”

“Seven Minutes of What?” Jessica asked, her tone incredulous. “What is this, the eighties?”

“I… okay…” Becky said, biting her lip and glancing again at the dark-haired guy she’d been eying since we’d sat down. “Just seven minutes, right?”

“Becky!” Jessica exclaimed, her eyes wide. I did my best to hold in my laughter, watching Becky shrug in response to Jessica’s objections before she disappeared into the roomy walk-in closet and shut the door behind her.

Jessica turned her venomous gaze back on me as I combed over the prospective gentlemen in the room, deciding on whether I should grant Becky’s silent wish of having the young man she’d been eyeing be the one to play the game with her. Deciding to be merciful, I granted her wish, pointing at the charming boy and motioning him to follow after Becky for his seven minutes.

Another distressed sound from my stepsister told me that I’d once again made the perfect choice as the young man smirked and eagerly strode across the room. I couldn’t shake how familiar that guy felt as he closed the door after him, blocking both he and Becky from sight.

“While they’re doing that, let’s move on to the next victim,” I said, my eyes immediately resting on my stepsister, an enormous grin on my face. Her face went immediately went pale, her frown deepening as I tapped my chin in thought. “Jessica… Truth or—”

“Truth,” she interrupted, her hands clenched on the hem of her skirt, hoping that avoiding a dare might save her from any undue embarrassment. I couldn’t help but laugh at just how wrong she was. “I told you I wasn’t going to do any of your stupid dares, you creep.”

“You’re sure you want to go with Truth? I mean, you have to answer whatever I ask. You get that, right?” I asked, biting my lip as the perfect question came to mind. “I’ll let you have one takeback. Just because you’re my stepsister.”

“No, I told you I want ‘Truth,’ Richard. Now just ask your stupid question,” she said, crossing her arms tight over her chest in a huff. I settled back, looking at her right in those gorgeous eyes as I savored this precious moment before I dropped her into a whole new world of embarrassment.

You asked for it, I thought.

“Out of every single person in this room,” I began, my grin spreading from ear to ear as I spoke, “who do you want to fuck the most?”

I watched as her frown dissipated into an expression of the purest shock I’d ever seen on anyone’s face. I watched her eyes, expecting them to dart around the room, to find someone she’d been aching to go after for among the guests she’d invited, but the more I watched her, the more I realized that her eyes never wavered from me…

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