Inside Love Affair That Pays Off Big

By: Knowledge Tauhid

(Belly of the Beast Book 1)

From the Belly of the Beast Series

Notes and Scenes from Prison life

Book One


To my Mother, for believing in me more through times than I believed within my own self. To my two beloved sons and to each and every family member that I have. Last but not least, to my unborn daughter who was aborted on Monday, February 7th, 2005 and who never had a chance to take a breath on this earth.



First and foremost I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the Most High. All praise and glorifications belong to none other than the Creator for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me with the wisdom, strength and beauty that is within the gift of life. This very precious gift has allowed me to write and given way to this work and many others. Had it not been for the beautiful struggle that I have experienced and endured, there would never have been any hood or prison tales to relate to and write about. So, on the strength of that, I want to also salute all of you that are “maintaining the struggle.”

May the love and the peace be with my two beloved sons, John Anthony (Jonzee) and Hasim (Chief). To my Mother, Cynthia and to my Father, Mack Sr. To my grandparents, Ada Mae, Lonnie (AKA, Pavo), Idella and Frank. To my two sisters, Monica and Sheeka and to my third sister, my half-sister, Danielle. To my brother Derrick (the youngest ‘Boss Hawg’ of the city Moultrie, Georgia). To all of my nephews, both of my sister’s kids. To all of my cousins of the Trimble, Thomas and Stewart families of Moultrie and Pavo, Georgia; especially to my cousins Quen (Q-Dawg) and Willie James, (Poosie). Truth be told, had it not been for you introducing me to the streets and the dope game, I would never have known ANYTHING about how to survive in the streets. Real talk! You were the very first ones to open my mind and my eyes to the power of having a solid hustle and a solid grind.

Peace and much love to both of my son’s mothers and their families, the Johnson’s and the Law’s. May peace and love be upon the spirits and the souls of all of my family members and friends that have physically departed; RIP to the hood prince and legend of Moultrie, Georgia, Mr. Devorest Shanzell Cokley, AKA, “Deek”, “Knowledge”, or “Solo”. Willie Lawrence Bender Jr., AKA “Chill Will” or “Lil Willie”, and so on and so forth. There are just too many to name and list! We love and dearly miss all of Y’all.

Peace and much love to each and every one or group that have shown me the love and the support throughout my doing this time and of my work.

To all of my Islamic brothers and sisters and the entire Muslim family as a whole, especially those of The Nation of Islam.

Peace and much love to my talented and skilled lawyer, Ms. Latesha Y Bradley of Valdosta, Georgia. To all that know me and\or my hometown of Moultrie, Georgia, statewide to nationwide, I’m here now! With the use of my mind and my ink pen, I will never be forgotten within history as a published author and that’s a fact!!

Shout out to my hood of Forest Hill in South East Moultrie, Georgia, 31768 & 31776! Moultrie Stand Up!! To my true Homies, “Big Mechee”, “Bunny” (BL), “Rooservelt” (Big Knuckie), what’s good Homies? If I so happen to have forgotten to mention you in any way, please don’t be offended, I simply forgot, its human error. I will shout you out in the next book to come.

Peace and much love to all the “Real Ones” in prison, both women and men and especially to my cellmate the Great Georgia “Chain Gang” legend, Isaac Graham (inmate #369312) (Uncle Ike). He has been down for 46 strong years and going with absolutely no break since 1969. When he speaks, I listen and his wisdom is “Chain Gang” law due to the reputation and respect he has earned. I love you Ike and you will always have my support. Stay up General! Moultrie Georgia, we on the “Hood and Prison Stories” map now so every other hood writer pick up that pen and get to the money with one fire ass story at a time!!! Peace!!

Forever I Am,




This story is an excerpt from the book “Belly of the Beast One:” A collection of prison stories that shall be published in the near future. All of the stories that make up the series are, in fact, realistic in nature and are diversified into three categories: The good, the bad and the ugly. Being that the author himself currently resides in prison, he is able to relate first hand to the type of atmosphere that exists on the “inside” and the type of culture that is implemented.

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