Is Love Enough(2)

By: Darnisha King

“Well, you got 2 months to get to know him before graduation,” she answered, as if I had asked her a question!

“Aye nigga!” I shouted out of the passenger side window, while I attempted to turn my radio’s volume down.

As he turned away from the dice game, he looked at me and started smiling, exposing his beautiful white teeth. Telling his people to hold the game, he walked toward my car.

I unlocked the door, and he got in.

“Hey Boo, long time no see.” I was nervous; I could feel my heart rate increasing.

“Hey Brandy, what’s up? What brings you to this side of the city, since you moved to Oak Park and all?” he joked.

We had talked over the phone for just a few minutes over the past 2 weeks, catching up on old times. It seemed that our old friend, Malik, had given him my cellphone number. We never discussed what either of us were doing currently; our conversations were all about the fun we use to have back at La Follete Park when we were dating a few years back.

“How do you know where I stay?” Since I hadn’t seen him since last summer, and in our latest conversations, we didn’t discuss my living arrangements. I was puzzled.

“I know everything about my girl,” he answered

I smiled, as he put his left hand on my thigh and asked me where I was headed.

“I’m about to get some gas, and then go get something to eat…”

“Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I go with you, unless you had plans with someone else?” he stated.

“You know I want you to go with me,” I answered. The only thing is, I had already made plans with my boyfriend of 6 months, Tre. But at that moment, Tre didn’t matter to me at all. I hadn’t seen Lance since last year, and I’d be damned if I let a moment like this slip away.

I was ready to get out the car to tell the teller $30.00 on pump 3, but Lance hopped out the car and proceeded into the station.

“I got it Brandy,” he winked his eye at me.

I sat back down in the car, literally grinning from ear-to-ear, and so very eager to be in his presence again.

I stared at him, as he walked out of the gas station, and thought ‘damn, he’s so fly.’ He was tall and muscular as hell, light skinned with freckles on his face, dimples on each side of his cheeks, waves, and a thin goatee that trimmed his face. Ooooweeeee, just fine as hell. He dressed in Roca Wear jeans, and the newest Mike’s.

I admired his arms as he pumped the gas. I can definitely tell that this last year had done his body some good/great. (Back in the day, he was a little chunky. Still gorgeous but chunky none-the-less). Once he had gotten back into the car, I started to admire his Jean Paul cologne that made me just want to sink in his arms.

“Brandy,” he asked, “where are WE going to eat?” He made sure to put a lot of emphasis on the ‘we.’

“Well, I wanted a salad from McDonalds, what do you want?” I asked. I was well aware that I didn’t want McDonalds, I didn’t even eat McDonalds, but I lied to make it seem like I was ok with us only spending a few minutes together, versus us chilling for a few hours over lunch.

“I want to sit down and eat with you, to catch up on old times and shit,” he answered. I obliged, and we went to eat at the TGIFriday’s on Harlem and Lake.

“I hope Tre doesn’t see us,” Lance said. I smiled, as I questioned who Tre’ was? “I told you that I know everything about MY GIRL.”

“How many?” the hostess asked, as she was checking Lance out.

“TWO,” I said (grabbing her attention), “MY MAN and I would prefer a very intimate setting, somewhere in the back ALONE,” I said it so strongly because he was with me today, and I wasn’t feeling how the hostess was staring at him. The hostess looked over to me and smirked with a sly grin. My eyes shot darts as I returned her fake ass grin.

“So, I’m your man now, huh?” Lance grabbed my waist and asked, as the waitress showed us to our booth. I just smiled, never answering the question. “Don’t worry, you can have me!” Lance stated as we took our seats.

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