Is Love Enough(4)

By: Darnisha King

“I get a little confused when you say that ‘you’re always feeling me.’ I apologized countless times, and it was never good enough. I’ve moved on now, and although, I’ve always been into you too, I’m happy in my current situation.” I waited for his response

“You ain’t happy B—YOU ARE NOT HAPPY,” he said, with much conviction as he gulped his Corona.

The hold that this man had over me always amazed me. We could go months, or even years, without speaking, and the moment he was back in my life, I would drop everything for him. I almost felt teary eyed, thinking of the games that we continued to play with each other, knowing we couldn’t be without each other too long. It was crazy. Just crazy. I sat in silence until the waitress came with our food. I ordered a Caesar salad, with extra Ranch dressing, and he ordered a steak.

“Do YOU need anything else?” The big eyed ass waitress looked Lance in the face, licked her lips, and said.

“I need some Brandy! Do me a favor and tell her that!” he smirked. He knew the waitress was on BS. She looked at me, I smiled, and then I chuckled a bit. She hissed, rolled her eyes and stomped away. As she stomped away, I continued laughing and talking to Lance.

“You like playing with my heart and shit, huh?” I asked him. I figured that he liked this little game that we play.

“Huh?” he questioned, as he ate his food, not understanding where I was going with this.

“Why do you need me all of a sudden? Why? Is it because you and Erika ain’t digging no more? Or is it because you don’t like Tre, so you want to show him up? Or is it because-”

He cut me off and said, “It’s because I need you in my life, damn!

Erika—fuck her; and Tre—fuck outta here. You say that nigga yo man, but he aint hitting it like I was. Is that nigga even hitting it? Or he stays on the fucking block too much?”

“He probably got you beat! And don’t stunt like you was never a little street bird.”

“Come on man! If that nigga the shit—why are we here, together?”

“I really don’t know,” I shrugged my shoulders. There wasn’t any logical reason why I was eating with Lance and not eating with Tre. It was a matter of the heart, and my heart always had me doing stupid shit. I laughed at my own damn thoughts.

“This little thing that you do with me blows the fuck out of me,” I said as Lance had moved from his side of the booth to mine.

“So, are you trying to show off for the waitress over there, eye-balling and shit?” I just didn’t want to take him seriously.

“Nope. But, can I kiss you?”

Before I could even say anything, he kissed me. I might as well have melted in his arms. It felt like a place I had been long ago, and I had been longing to be in that place again. It was the most personal, intimate feeling I had ever had, and I wanted to be there forever.

Out of breath, I pulled away, and he wiped my mouth with a napkin. He moved back to his side of the booth and finished eating his steak. Never saying anything—I guess we were both at a loss for words.

I planned on playing footsy with him, but when he felt my foot by his, he reached under the table and lifted my foot up, took off my flip-flops and placed my foot right on his dick. So, I took initiative and started to rub my foot around his shaft, inside his thighs, and right on his dick. I was definitely starting to feel a rise in his pants.

But, I had to get up to go to the washroom. I started to switch a little, knowing he was checking me out. Why wouldn’t he? I was fly as hell. I had on my LovelyU tennis dress, definitely showing off my lovely assets. I had on my gold tennis bracelet, and anklet that Tre had bought me for my birthday three weeks ago. And I had on my Gold ShuJunkies flip flops. I had just gotten my hair done last night, so I had my butters whipped. I was the shit, and I felt his eyes burning into me.

As I returned, I would have been damned if this waitress wasn’t in his face again, leaning over the table.

I wasn’t as calm this time, I walked over to our booth and I put my arm in front of hers on the table. I said with a very stern tone: “He is with me.”

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