Is Love Enough(5)

By: Darnisha King

“O.K. He just looks very familiar and I was trying to figure out where I had seen him before,” the waitress answered.

“Regardless to any of that, you are being very disrespectful and I’m getting tired of yo bullshit,” I began to lash out.

She backed away with her hands in the air, “Alright then, Lance!” As if she was bidding him good day.

“How do you know his name?” Astonished, I looked at him, then back at her, searching their faces for an answer. I hadn’t even been back in his life yet, and I was ready to whoop some ass.

“Wild guess,” the stupid woman answered sarcastically.

“No, where do you know him from?” I got even angrier. If I was on the outside looking in, I would have thought Lance and I were in a relationship, because I was fuming.

“Off the block, he dates my girl, Erika.”

“Erika huh? Tell Erika her services are no longer needed and neither are yours. Lance, let’s go.”

He got up, never interjecting, and led me to the car (we didn’t even pay the bill).

When we got in the car, he stared at me, and then looked away.

“What’s up? I mean, I know I’m not your girl, but didn’t you just tell me, no less than an hour ago, that you and Erika were done?” I yelled.

“Have I ever lied to you before? When we were together, did I ever cheat on you? I have no reason to tell you things that are untrue. I haven’t dated Erika in three months, and I ain’t fucked her in about a month. Hell, my dick dry as hell, cause I ain’t fucked nobody in a month.”

“How does she know your fucking name then, Lance? This bitch was staring at you, and checking you out since we entered the fucking place. You never once thought about saying that you know this hoe?” I became more and more aggravated and aggressive in my tone.

“Brandy, I don’t know that fucking girl, and that’s the end of that fucking conversation. I’m not about to argue with you, all I want to do is spend some time with you. I’ve been missing you like crazy, and for the past two weeks. I couldn’t wait until I could spend some alone time with you. I finally see you and you already on some bullshit. Fuck that damn girl, I don’t know her. So, drive the fuck off!” Lance demanded. He was normally a nice guy, but he had a very reactive temper, so I didn’t keep arguing with him.

I drove off and turned my fucking music on high. Chingy, ‘I like the way you do it right thurr’ was playing. I was mad as hell, because somebody had just played me, but I didn’t know who. I busted out into the Chicken Head. Its old as shit because it came out in 2002, but I was heated and I needed to release some type of steam. I damn near wanted to go back to Friday’s to chin check the fucking waitress. I was frustrated and I couldn’t let it get to me. Hell, this aint even my fucking man and I’m tripping, I thought to myself.

Lance turned my music down, and started out by saying, “Brandy, I’m sorry for yelling at you. But, being around you again makes me want to be with you. No one else is as important, and the fact that ole’ girl in the restaurant was trying to pour salt in my game, kind of pissed me off. I know you got a man, but this arguing and shit that we just did, I can’t do. I’m in a different place in my life, B. Just drop me off where you got me, and I’ll hit you up after a while.”

I didn’t even turn to look at him. I just continued to drive down Lake St., and I turned up Lombard, and back down Humphrey. I got out of the car and he got out behind me.

“This ain’t where you picked me up at, B.”

“I know; this is my new place.” I turned to him and smiled. I knew he was pissed off and I wanted to offer some peace.

He didn’t budge. He didn’t seem to care. He did this to me every time. He came back around and would leave, like he never had true feelings for me. It always got me down. But this time, I was going to get what the fuck I wanted.

“Are you coming or not?” He could notice the unsureness in my demeanor.

“Come on B, take me back to where you got me from.” He was calm and much nicer this time. I could tell that I was reeling him in with the sad face.

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