Is Love Enough(6)

By: Darnisha King

“I’m sorry, Lance. Honestly, I’m wrong. You know how I feel about you, so I overreacted,” I apologized sincerely.

He was lack luster, but soon followed me. He saw the pout on my face, and he didn’t want to see me sad, so he decided to take a view of the apartment with me.

Before I could even open the door good, he was all on me, kissing on my neck, and rubbing my chest. As I finally got the door open, he turned me around and said, “Brandy, can I be your man again?”

I just smiled and nodded. I was so shocked. I thought he hated me, but I guess he didn’t. How could I say no to Lance? I loved him and I missed him. He was honest to me and the best I had EVER had, intimately. And besides, Tre wasn’t hitting on shit. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t even fucked him since that whole slapping and hospital incident. And it’s a good thing too, since Lance told me that he fucking that hoe ass, Alex.

Lance took my face and we started to kiss, passionately, very passionately. So passionately, that my panties were wet already.

He pulled back, looked around the apartment, and shook his head in approval.

“So, this is your place huh?” he questioned

“Yeah, this is where I live, for now. I’m trying to get a better paying job since I just graduated with my B.S.N. and all,” I smiled, twirling my hand in the air like I still had the diploma in it.

“Congratulations B! I’m proud of you. You were always smart,” he smiled as he congratulated me. I was happy that he was happy for me.

“Where is your washroom?” he asked.

“Keep straight, down the hall and to the left.”

I quickly started to clean and straighten up because Tre’ and his guys watched the game at my house last night, and I had yet to clean up.

“So Brandy, you live alone, right?” Lance yelled from the washroom.

“Why do you say that?” I yelled back to him.

“Because you have two toothbrushes on your sink, and two drying towels hanging up,” he answered as he stared around the washroom, trying to peep the scene.

“This is my crib; nobody lives with me,” I answered.

I just forgot to mention the part about how Tre’ used to spend the night with me about 3 or 4 nights per week, I thought to myself, as I moved methodically, picking up beer bottles, swishers, and chicken bones, and tossing them in the trash before he came out of the washroom.

I felt him running his hands down my side and butt. His touch sent chills up and down my spine. Before I knew it, he had his hands up my dress and was searching to find my clit. He kneeled down, pushed my dress up, moved my thong over and ate my pussy out from the back. I almost fell to the floor, it felt so good.

We moved to the bedroom and he asked me to take off my dress. He laid me on the bed and took off my panties. He flung them somewhere; I think it was behind the radiator. He acted like he couldn’t get enough of tasting me because before we could get my bra off, he had his face buried in my pussy, alternating finger to clit, tongue to clit, and tongue in and out of my candy (wink, wink). He was blowing on my pussy like it had a fever or some shit.

I was damn near going into convulsions! This had to be the best oral I had ever received, better than Tre could ever do.

He stood up to take his clothes off and as he dropped his pants and boxers, I admired his BIG ASS DICK. I actually couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth and make him squeal. I’m much better at it now than I was back in the day when we were together, and I was going to show him.

I took it into my hands and started to stroke it lightly, and then, I put the tip into my mouth.

He put his head back and let out a gasp of excitement.

I started at the tip, and made sure that I licked every inch, before I completely swallowed it down my throat. I had my bob game going on, grabbing his balls and gently playing with them simultaneously.

“Aww shit,” he whimpered.

I knew it felt good to him and it tasted good to me.

Afterwards, I licked his balls so good, his knees were buckling.

He moaned so hard and sexy, it almost made me cum.

“Brandy, you want to feel me?”

“I want to feel you baby, I want all of you,” I sounded seductive, but I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store. Lance and I hadn’t had sex in years, and I had dreamed of the day that I would have him back in my bed, taking advantage of me.

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