Is Love Enough(9)

By: Darnisha King

I sat down on the chair across from the bed with my head down; I had a serious headache because Tre had just slapped the shit out of me. I was not about to continue to argue with Lance. I just don’t need this shit right now!

Lance got up and walked out of the room, probably out of frustration because I no longer had anything to say. I assumed that he was leaving, so I didn’t even follow behind him to lock the door. I just yelled to him, “Lock my door then.”

I lay in the bed crying and thinking until I fell asleep. When I woke up, Lance was lying behind me with his arm around me, asleep as well. When I realized it was him, I woke him up by kissing him. I hoped he would return my gesture, so that I would know that he wasn’t mad any more.

“I thought you were leaving?”

He replied, with his eyes still closed, “Did you want me to leave?”

“No,” I said as I turned back around in a comfortable position, making sure that my butt was right by his crotch and that I could feel all his glory through my gown.

He started rubbing my butt, just like I knew that he would. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “B, you said that fight ya’ll had last month?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I thought you told me that nigga had never put his hands on you before?” Lance questioned

My eyes got extremely wide, but I didn’t say anything.

He continued kissing me and rubbing my face where Tre had hit me earlier.

“Brandy, why you let that nigga hit on you?”

I turned around so that we were facing each other, and I answered, “Now you know I didn’t go out like that.”

He started to laugh and closed his eyes again. He had always known me to be a feisty go- getter, and I was not just going to let anyone whoop my ass. Those are the type of games that I don’t play.

I went in to kiss him, very softly and passionately, and this time, he returned my gesture.

“Lance? You want to be with me for real? Even after all of this?”

He said with no hesitation, “For sure! After all of this shit we’ve went through just today, ain’t no way we can say that we are not back together!” He started to laugh at how today played out.

I started to laugh too. There was never a dull moment with Lance and I.

“Do you think that you still love me, for real?” he asked.

I replied by saying, “Too much!!!”

“I love you too, but I’m fucking Tre up.”

I didn’t say anything because I knew he was serious, and there was nothing else to be said.

We just held and kissed each other until about 2 a.m., when I got up to go to the washroom. As I came back to my bedroom, I saw Lance on his cellphone, talking to some bitch. Who else would be calling him at 2 in the fucking morning?

I didn’t disturb his conversation. I got in the bed and started sucking his dick. Whoever he was talking to heard all his moans and groans and shit, which was my goal.

I didn’t get mad because it should be obvious to me that he’s a man. And after him and Erika broke up, I’m sure he still had girls he was talking to and sleeping with.

But, whoever that was on the phone, I’m sure tonight would be the last time he was talking to her. He hung up the phone, grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth.

When I was done and he was satisfied, I got back in my spot, inches away from him, and pretended to go to sleep.

He turned me on my back and said, “That was nobody.”

“Who is nobody?” I questioned. I wasn’t mad, but I wasn’t going to let it slide either. We had to start off on the right foot, and talking on the phone at 2am to another woman was far from the way we were going to do shit.

“Erika is nobody. She called asking me if she could get the dick tonight. She heard I was up in Friday’s with some chick, so she wanted me to come over and lay the pipe,” he answered truthfully.

“And what did you say?” I eyeballed him.

“I didn’t get a chance to say anything because you came in giving that major ass head!” he semi-joked.

“Tell her to lose yo number. As a matter-of-fact, call her back now and tell her to never call you again.”

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