Jarek(Dragons of Preor Book 1)(10)

By: Celia Kyle & Erin Tate

If a human and Preor matched.

If the Knowing initiated with the couple.

If the tie between the male and female was strong enough to support a mental connection.

Yeah, well, all of the ifs were true, only what she was fed felt blunted and half-formed. Their tie was strong, but she didn’t have the genetic memories he was born with. Which led to another if.

If they matched, the Preor would inject the female with Preor DNA.

She was not a petri dish prepared to grow little Preor cells no matter what treaty Earth signed. She hadn’t come to the conference for the chance of meeting one of the aliens and becoming a mate. She came because she wanted to see Earth from space and Rina and Tave needed someone to watch over Reesa. Even more, they felt it was important for the Preors to see a happy Ujal-human couple complete with a youngling.

Hope, Tave said. The Preors needed to witness the joining to feel hope.

Just because Melissa matched with Jarek did not mean she—they—became the race’s hope. She did not sign up to be Miss Hope of America, thankyouverymuch.

They wanted it? They could go down to Earth and find a woman named Hope for all she cared.

With the distance came slight relief from the barrage and she breathed a bit easier. Unfortunately, the Knowing didn’t stop coming. It merely slowed. It urged her to return to Jarek’s arms, to walk into his hold and let him cradle her close. It told her… why releasing him was a bad idea.

Too bad. Preors might fling themselves into mating-land, but humans didn’t. “I’m capable of walking.”

“Kouva,” his tone held a warning and Jarek narrowed his eyes as he reached for her once more.

She slid backward on her ass to put more space between them and then rolled to her feet. “Look, I get what’s going on here,” —sorta— “but we need to slow this down.”

Jarek’s glare deepened and he took a step nearer, fury etched in every line of his body. “You are my kouva. My beloved, my mate.”

Melissa swallowed hard and breathed through the pressure of the Knowing. “I understand what you’re saying.”

She was still stuck on the sorta.

“Then you know we must—”

“Melissa!” The shout was followed by a grunt and then she caught a flash of black just before one of the warriors at the back of the pack disappeared from sight. “Are you well?”

Rhal. His mate Cara was going to be pissed if he came home battered and bruised. Then again, Rhal would be thankful because he was fond of Cara kissing it and making it better. The males had no sense of discretion and talked way too often and way too loudly about their personal lives.

“Yes!” Mostly.

“I will be with you momentarily.” Rhal spoke as if he was merely walking down a crowded corridor and not fighting his way to the front of a line of Preor’s finest.

And how did she know they were the finest? The fucking Knowing and her connection to Jarek.

The press of the tie pulsated around her, drowning her in the overwhelming sensations—urges.

Touch him.

Taste him.

Love him.

Run. That was a real feeling, one that warred against the psychically driven need to stay with Jarek.


Yes. She needed space. Needed to just step away for a moment and then she could come back. After she centered herself. After she came to terms with all of… this.

Rhal burst past the last line of warriors with an elbow to one male’s nose and a punch to the other’s. She was surprised he hadn’t busted out his blades, but then again, no one wanted a war between the races. Ujal battling Preor would only mean bad things for Earth. Considering both races needed something from humans, playing nicely benefited all.

“Melissa?” Rhal smiled, his midnight eyes dancing with pleasure and she knew he was in his element. The only complaint the envoy would hear later was from Erun because he missed out on the violent fun. Rhal lifted his arm and threw something at her. “Be thinking fast.”

Think fast. He still hadn’t quite gotten human idioms yet.

Melissa stuck her arm up and plucked the small metal device from the air. She recognized the shape and purpose, but was surprised as hell he’d managed to sneak it aboard. The entire group agreed to leave both Ujal and Earth tech on the planet, traveling through mechanical means only.

Also By Celia Kyle & Erin Tate

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