Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(2)

By: Faith Gibson

To that day, the O’Donnell had no idea he adopted a Gargoyle. To that day, Phelam had not looked upon another male body with lust in his eyes. The Gargoyles were destined to have only one mate, and Phelam resigned himself to the fact he would never have his. The only thing he would have was his fighting.

Using his shifter abilities, Phelam was able to get close to the enemy without being seen or heard. Even wearing the enemy’s clothing, it would be near impossible to blend in with the Englishmen what with his bright red hair and Irish brogue. So, he opted to blend into the forest, watching and listening from a distance.

Once he felt he had the necessary information to help his clan, Phelam returned to camp and relayed everything he’d learned. By that time, the O’Neill had combined their forces, but it still wasn’t enough. Phelam watched as most of his family was cut down in battle. The O’Neill surrendered, but not before Phelam had no one left to call his clan.

Being a Gargoyle, he couldn’t be killed unless another of his kind took his head. Granted, there were a couple of poisons that could take down a shifter, but that knowledge was known only by his kind. Under the cover of night, Phelam slipped away from his homeland and began a journey that would start a new chapter in his very long life.

Chapter One

Present Day


Eight large Gargoyles grabbed their swords and faced off. Jasper paired up with Urijah. Sword training should be a balm to his spirit, but it brought back painful memories of his past. Jasper’s mind drifted back to those days in Ireland where he was fighting for his people. The longer they sparred, the more lost in the past he became. Jasper was not practicing with Uri; he was on the battlefield, swift and fierce. His movements were graceful yet deadly. The striking of metal on metal powered his body; the blood spilling at his feet fueled his beast. He was lost in the memory until someone yelling his name brought him back to the present. The battlefield faded, and Dante’s property came into focus. When Jasper dropped his sword to his side, his chest was heaving. Seven pairs of eyes were locked on him. Uri’s held a look of amusement. “Someone’s been holding out on us.”

Jasper wasn’t ready to share his past with his fellow Goyles, even if they accepted him for who he was. “I might have seen battle once or twice,” was all the explanation he gave.

Uri clapped him on the shoulder and said, “I’d say you have. That was impressive.”

The others were making their way to put away their swords when Connor called out to Dante, “Da, you should answer your phone.”

Dante handed his sword to Dane and jogged toward the house. Jasper helped Uri stow the swords in Dante’s garage before grabbing a bottle of water. As he was pulling his shirt back on, a chill ran up his spine. If he didn’t know better, he’d say Trevor was close by. He was walking up the steps to the deck when Deacon stuck his head out the back door. “Jas, you better get in here.”

Jasper entered the living room, and Deacon explained what was happening. “Trevor called Dante, says he’s being followed. He’s coming down the driveway now.”

Jasper ran out the front door and down the steps. He didn’t care if the others were watching. Trevor was already out of his car and talking to Dante. Jasper asked his mate, “Were you followed?” Without giving him time to answer, he pulled Trevor to him, hugging him close. Gods, it felt like heaven having his mate in his arms. When Trevor didn’t answer, Jasper backed off and gently grasped his face, looking him over.

“I think so. There was a black SUV that got behind me once I was on this road,” Trevor finally answered, only he was looking at Dante as he spoke.

“Jasper, why don’t you check it out?” Dante suggested.

Jasper started to object, not wanting to be away from Trevor. Dante cocked an eyebrow, indicating Jasper should go have a look. Jasper didn’t argue; instead, he took off running down the driveway, trusting Dante’s sixth sense that he should be the one to go investigate.

When he knew Trevor couldn’t see him, Jasper kicked into his shifter’s speed. As he neared the gate, he slipped off into the woods so he could observe the stranger without being seen himself. A black SUV was idling at the edge of the driveway, his window down. Seeing his ex-lover Craig a few weeks ago had been like a paper cut, shallow and annoying. Seeing the male sitting in the vehicle was like a knife cutting through Jasper’s core, ripping him from one end to the other. Before he could approach, the SUV drove off. Jasper took a few minutes to control his beast. It wouldn’t do to have Trevor see him fully phased and pissed. He walked back to the house, not allowing his mind to return to the past. When he was inside the house, Jasper took a long look at Trevor before turning to Dante.

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