Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(4)

By: Faith Gibson

Dante moved to the middle of the room and removed his shirt. Trevor held his breath as Dante’s top canines lengthened over his bottom lip. When he held his hands out, his fingernails became talon-like extensions. Trevor didn’t have time to grasp what he was seeing as a pair of wings unfurled from behind his boss. Dante didn’t give Trevor time to examine the wings. He retracted them just as quickly as he turned them loose. Trevor needed to see them again to be sure he had really seen a pair of leathery looking wings. Holy fuck! Dante replaced his shirt before sitting back down. “That is the extent of our shifting, or what we call phasing. I come from a long line of Gargouille, or as the modern generation would have it, Gargoyle.” Dante cocked his head to the side and smiled. “Isabelle is home.”

Trevor didn’t hear anything, but if Dante said she was home, he believed his boss. His mind was still back on show and tell.

“There is so much more I need to tell you, but I want to introduce you to my mate first.” Dante stood, and opened the side door. A very pretty woman came in and wrapped her arms around Dante’s neck. When they started kissing, Trevor looked away. “Isabelle, I’d like you to meet Trevor.”

“Trevor, it’s a pleasure. I’ve heard so much about you,” Isabelle said softly.

“And I didn’t know you existed before today,” he responded. “Sorry, I guess that was rude.”

“The truth is never rude, Trevor. I take it you’re having the talk?” she asked Dante.

“Yes, I haven’t told him much, but I did phase. Trevor didn’t pass out, so I think the hard part has passed,” Dante said with a wink. Dante winked? That was so out of character for the medical examiner. So was the smile plastered to his face.

Trevor asked Isabelle, “So, you’re okay with a mate who has fangs and claws?”

She grinned, releasing her own special canines. “I sure am.”

“Huh.” Now, he was at a loss for words.

Dante and Isabelle laughed. They weren’t laughing at him, just at his reaction to her fangs. “Trevor, are you hungry?”

“No, thank you.” He was starving, but if he ate, he would probably throw up. Isabelle excused herself to check on Connor, and Dante sat back down.

Trevor remained standing for the moment. “How long have you and Isabelle been dating? Do Gargoyles date?”

Dante shrugged. “It’s complicated. Gargoyles have one mate for life. Until we find that mate, we might date others, but there is rarely a relationship. If there is, it has far less meaning than the permanent one we have with the one the fates choose for us. I figured out Isabelle was my mate while we were working together on a case at the Pen.”

“That’s why Jasper called Tessa the warden’s mate. Do all the mates have fangs and wings, too? Does Tessa?”

“Only if the mates are part Gargoyle. Females do not have wings, but they do have fangs and claws. Until recently, all female mates were also Goyles. Most females of our kind are mated. The unmated ones are all but extinct now. Since that’s the case, the fates decided we could mate with humans. Tessa and Isabelle are half Gargoyle, so they do phase.”

“Are the Unholy Gargoyles, too?”

Isabelle came back into the room and sat down on the sofa. She explained how the Unholy came into being. The world knew Gordon Flanagan was responsible for creating the army of monsters who looked like something out of a bad mutant movie. What they didn’t know was the blood he used to create the creatures came from one of Isabelle’s half-blood brothers, Gabriel. The man was now known as Vincent Alexander, and he was sitting in the New Atlanta Penitentiary for murder. When he was used in a lab experiment gone wrong, he lost his humanity. Gordon lost his humanity when the baby daughter he thought was his disappeared shortly after being cloned by Jonas Montague, the man single-handedly responsible for the near apocalypse. Trevor, a clone himself, realized there was so much more to the world than most people were aware of.

When Isabelle paused, Dante said, “Remember the night at the morgue when Jasper and I came in all bloody? We had been out fighting Unholy. They are our biggest challenge most of the time. Right now, though, it seems our Uncle Alistair is out for our blood. Or that of our mates.” Dante explained how Jonas Montague was really a Gargoyle, and this Alistair had him thrown out of the clan for mating with a human. Not only that, but Jonas was Isabelle’s father. Dane Abbott was Isabelle’s brother, one of many, and Tessa was Jonas’s great niece. Trevor was going to have to start a spreadsheet to keep everyone straight.

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