Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(5)

By: Faith Gibson

Both Dante and Isabelle told how Alistair had Connor kidnapped, held Isabelle hostage, and how Dante, Gregor, and Tessa got them back. Their cousin Nikolas was off in Egypt looking for his mate and her parents. Trevor now understood why the badasses had reacted to the news of Theron being Alistair’s son.

“I don’t get why your uncle is just now going after all the women. Why wait two hundred years?”

Dante moved to sit next to Isabelle. They looked like a couple who had been together years, not weeks. “We think Rafael finding his mate in Kaya set Alistair off.”

“Kaya, the police chief? And the plot thickens,” Trevor joked.

“Yes, only now she is retiring, and Dane is taking over as the new chief. When Kaya mated with Rafael, she became our Queen.”

“Is she one of the half-bloods?”

“No. She is a human mate. Like you,” Dante said softly.

“Me? If you haven’t figured it out by now, Boss, I’m gay. I doubt I’m anyone’s mate.”

“Do you think there aren’t gay Gargoyles? Trevor, Jasper is gay, and you are his mate.”

Trevor couldn’t breathe. “No. You’re wrong. I’ve seen the men he’s been with, and they’re gods like him. And you. I’m not anyone’s mate.” He began pacing the room. There was no way the fates, or gods, or whoever was out there picking and choosing, would burden a Gargoyle with Trevor. Especially one like Jasper.

Isabelle stood and stopped Trevor’s pacing. She placed her hand on his chin, holding his gaze. A low growl came from Dante, but she ignored him. “I thought the same thing when Dante told me I was his mate. Tessa, yes. She’s beautiful and free-spirited, and a little crazy. She is prime mate material. Me? I’m just quiet, plain, mousy Isabelle. What did I have to offer a male as amazing as Dante? He made me believe I was worthy. Just as you are worthy of Jasper, and he of you. From what Dante has told me about you, you’re highly intelligent, you’re funny, and you have great taste in music.” The last comment got a hmph from Dante. Isabelle backed out of his personal space, but she said, “You’re a very handsome man, Trevor. Do not sell yourself short, and definitely do not compare yourself to Jasper’s past dalliances. I promise you, they meant nothing to him. You, however, mean everything.”

“If what you say is true, Jasper doesn’t have a choice. He didn’t pick me. I was chosen for him.”

Dante stood and pulled Isabelle to him. “We always have a choice, but I guarantee the fates know what they’re doing. Now, let’s go spend some time with Connor. I want to tell you how special he is.”

Chapter Two

Jasper drove Matthew back home. The teen was being unusually quiet. When they got inside the house, Jasper broke the silence. “Okay, buddy, what’s up? You’re only quiet when you sleep, yet you haven’t said one word since we left Dante’s. Are your ribs hurting? Do you need a pain pill?” Matthew was still recovering from where his asshole brother-in-law beat him within inches of his life. If Jasper ever got his hands on Troy Quinn, he’d make the man pay.

“Yes, no. Yes, my ribs hurt, but not so bad I need a pill. I was just thinking about what you said earlier, you know, about being mates. If Trevor’s your mate, why was he ignoring you?”

“First off, he doesn’t know he’s my mate. Second, someone from my past was following Trevor, and he probably blames me. I doubt he feels very safe right now. He also received some shocking photos that don’t exactly paint me in the best light in his eyes. Right now he feels betrayed, and he’s not letting me explain what’s happened recently. I don’t blame him though, not really. His life hasn’t been exactly stellar. Why would he want to be with me when all I bring is trouble?”

Jasper didn’t blame Trevor at all. Sure, he’d like the chance to explain about his past and why it was coming back to haunt him. Until he got the go ahead to tell him about the Clan, he’d have to be patient.

“Are you hungry?” Jasper’s breakfast had worn off with his intense training.

“Nah, I’m still full from breakfast. You go ahead, though. You probably need about four thousand calories to keep your stamina up, big guy like you slinging that sword around like it was a toy. Where did you learn to do that, anyway?”

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