Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(6)

By: Faith Gibson

Before Jasper could answer, a vehicle sounded in the driveway. He walked to the front window, peering outside. Lorenzo’s truck parked and the Goyle got out, striding up the front steps. Jasper opened the door. “Lor, what’s up?”

“I wanted to get in some flying time in the helo. Since you’re suspended, I thought you and Matthew might want to go for a ride.”

It had been a long time since Jasper had flown any way other than using his wings. “Matt, you feel like going for a ride?”

“Hell, yeah!” he pumped his fist then grabbed his ribs. “I mean yes,” he whispered. Jasper and Lorenzo laughed at the teen.

“Well come on then,” Lorenzo said, heading out the side door to the garage that held both the Stone Society helicopter as well as the Blackhawk Frey kept hidden from most of the world. Jasper helped Lor get the passenger bird out of the garage. The three of them were getting ready to climb aboard when Lor’s phone rang.

“Hello,” he answered as he opened the pilot’s door.

“Where are you?” Frey’s angry voice came through loud and clear.

“Getting ready to put the bird in the sky, why?” Lorenzo asked.

“The bastard has Abbi. I need you to come to the community center. Dane is putting an APB out for the possible vehicle she is in. I have no idea where he’d take her, but I’m hoping Sixx can get a lock on her cell phone.”

“Ten-four. We’ll be there in fifteen,” Lorenzo said. He shoved his phone in his pocket and began giving instructions. “Get in, hurry. Frey needs us.”

Jasper helped Matthew into the back seat, showing him how to buckle his harness. He climbed into the front as the blades began circling the air. As soon as Jasper was seated, Lorenzo lifted the helo off the ground. Jasper didn’t want to scare Matthew, but he didn’t want him to be blindsided by what they might find either. He pointed to the headphones on the hook behind Matthew. As soon as he had them situated, Jasper spoke to the teen through the microphone. “Matthew, we have a situation. Troy has Abbi, and everyone’s out looking for her. We’re on our way to pick up Frey now.”

Matthew only nodded. He closed his eyes, and balled his fists in his lap. Troy fucking Quinn had done enough damage to Matthew and his sister already. Jasper prayed after today that would be all over. He had a feeling Matthew was doing a little praying of his own. The helo banked right and the community center where Abbi had been practicing for the fall festival with her students came into view. At one time, Abbi Quinn had been destined for the New Atlanta Ballet Company. That was before her parents were killed in a car crash, and she married Troy. Now she taught second grade at the elementary school as well as dance class at the local community center.

Lorenzo lowered the helo away from the crowd, and Frey jumped in. Lorenzo lifted the bird back into the air. Frey’s voice came through the headset, “Sixx has a lock on her phone. She’s headed north on Guntersville Road.”

Lorenzo patched Sixx through to the onboard communication system so he could give them immediate change in directions. “Her signal has stopped. She is on the bridge at the Brockton train yard.”

As the helicopter neared the bridge, Jasper yelled, “Fuck, there they are!” Jasper pointed to the railing of the bridge. Troy was carrying Abbi fireman style.

“What the fuck did the bastard do to her?” Matthew screamed. “Frey, you have to stop him; you can’t let him do this, Frey! He’s going to throw her over!”

Lorenzo kept the helo steady while they watched in horror as Troy dropped Abbi over the bridge. Frey dove out of the helicopter, phasing in mid-air. Once Frey was out of sight, Jasper returned his attention to Troy. He was running toward his car. Jasper wasn’t about to let the motherfucker get away. Before Lorenzo could land, Jasper dove out his side of the bird, shredding his shirt as he unfurled his wings. Troy fucking Quinn was not getting away. Once on the ground, Jasper tucked in his wings and used his shifter speed to catch up with Quinn.

Troy was yelling, “What the hell are you? Stay away from me you faggot freak! Get your hands off me.”

Jasper began punching Troy, telling him, “I’m going to do to you what you did to Abbi.” He punched him in the stomach. Troy doubled over, gasping for breath. Jasper brought a knee up, snapping Troy’s head back so hard he landed on his ass. Jasper picked him up off the ground, holding him by his collar and the waistband of his pants so his feet weren’t touching the ground. His eyes grew wide as Jasper released his fangs. “You are a worthless piece of shit. You killed Abbi’s parents, you abused Matthew, you raped Abbi, and now you’ve murdered her, too. You don’t deserve to live, but death is too easy for a worthless maggot like you.” Jasper threw him to the ground, his head cracking on the concrete.

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