Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(7)

By: Faith Gibson

“He killed our parents?” Matthew asked from behind Jasper. The teen glanced at Jasper’s fangs but chose to ignore them. Instead, he turned his attention to Troy. Matthew ran at his brother-in-law, the one responsible for putting him in the hospital, and kicked him in the face. Matthew was probably causing more damage to his ribs in the process, but the boy deserved to dole out whatever punishment to the man he chose. “I hate you! I hate you! You stupid, evil fuck, I hate you! All I ever wanted was a father. You couldn’t be that. You were so fucking jealous of Abbi’s love for me that you hated me. I hate you back, you fucking fuck!” Matthew kicked Troy until his body gave out. Jasper gently hauled him away, holding him in his arms while the boy cried.

Red and blue lights flashed in the distance. Sirens interrupted the sound of sobs coming from the teen in his arms. Jasper had no idea who all had arrived and were now watching the interlude between him and his friend. He didn’t care. He would hold onto the boy as long as he needed.

When someone yelled, “Gun!” Jasper immediately phased, wrapping Matthew in his wings.

Trevor was hungry, and he was tired. He wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl under the covers for three days straight… after he ate a large pizza. He closed his eyes and thought about the pizzas Jasper made the first time Trevor visited his house. That night seemed like a lifetime ago.

For the past couple of hours, he had sat in Connor’s room while the young child spoke as if he were an adult, telling about being kidnapped. More than once something passed between Connor and Dante that only they could hear. He didn’t know how they were communicating wordlessly, but if men existed who had wings and fangs, why couldn’t there be those that had special psychic abilities?

Trevor couldn’t stand the thirst any longer. He returned to the kitchen to ask for a glass of water. One of the badasses, Urijah, was sitting at the table talking with Dante about security for Trevor. Dante hadn’t been lying when he said they would protect him. Dante’s phone rang and he excused himself and stepped out onto the deck. As he listened to whoever it was on the other end, both Isabelle and Urijah stiffened. Isabelle handed Trevor his water before she picked up a pair of boots she had recently discarded and slipped them on. “Uri, I can’t leave Connor here. Will you please stay with him?” She asked as she grabbed a set of keys off the counter.

“Of course,” he responded, fisting his chest in the same way Connor had earlier. Trevor wanted to know what that was about.

As soon as Dante opened the door, Isabelle kissed him and said, “I’m on my way,” and took off out the side door.

Trevor was confused. “Did I miss something?” he asked his boss.

“Gargoyles have enhanced hearing as well as eyesight. Isabelle heard my conversation with Frey. It seems Frey’s mate has been kidnapped by her husband and there’s a little girl involved. Isabelle is going to assist with the child.”

“Well let’s go! We can’t just sit here and do nothing,” Trevor stood up but sat back down. He was a little light headed at not having eaten in over twenty-four hours.

“I think it best if you stay here with Connor. Things could get ugly.”

“Urijah has already said he’d stay. What are you hiding from me?” Trevor was sick of secrets. First Jasper, now Dante.

When Urijah nodded at Dante, he told Trevor, “I’m not hiding anything, Trevor. Let me tell Connor I’m leaving, and we’ll go.”

Dante headed toward his son’s room, and Trevor stood slowly, getting his bearings. While he was waiting on Dante, Urijah spoke up. “Trevor, don’t let what has gone before ruin what is to come. Anyone else is Jasper’s past. You are his future.”

Trevor opened his mouth to respond, but Dante entered the room and said, “Okay, let’s go. Uri, thank you, Brother.” They grasped arms, and Uri inclined his head. Trevor followed Dante outside into the garage. Dante slid behind the wheel of his Aston Martin and Trevor got in the passenger side. He’d seen Dante’s car outside the hospital, but had never had a chance to ride in the sweet vehicle. He buckled his seatbelt as Dante rolled down the driveway. The gate automatically opened for them. As they turned onto the road, Trevor looked all around for the SUV.

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