Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(8)

By: Faith Gibson

“Do not worry about Theron. He isn’t around.”

“How do you know?”

“Because, Deacon made sure of it.”

Trevor didn’t ask any more questions. For now. Instead, he sat back and enjoyed the ride. Dante didn’t hold back on the accelerator. As they neared the exit for the community center, Dante’s phone rang. He pressed a button on the steering wheel and answered, “Hey, Beautiful. We’re almost there.”

“Lorenzo just picked Frey up in the helicopter. I’m not sure where they are going, but I think they know where Abbi is. Dante, I hope they don’t need you for anything other than congratulations once you find them.”

“I’ll call Sixx. He should have their location. How’s the girl?”

“She’s shaken. Troy Quinn used the child to get to Abbi. He’s a sick man. Another thing, Matthew was in the helicopter, too.”

“Abbi is Frey’s mate, so she and Matthew will both find out sooner or later about us. Thank you for doing your part, Beautiful. I’m going to hang up now.” Dante disconnected and immediately called Sixx for information.

“Abbi’s signal stopped on the bridge over the Brockton train yard. Frey, Lorenzo, and Jasper are in the helo, and Dane is in his car. Please keep me posted, Dante. I’d much rather be on the ground with you than stuck behind this computer. I don’t know how Julian does this day in and day out.”

“It’s important work, Brother. I will let you know what’s going on as soon as I can.”

“How many Gargoyles are there?” Trevor asked as he held onto the door handle. Dante wasn’t wasting any time getting to wherever they were now headed.

“I would have to ask Nikolas the exact number. Our Clan in the States has hundreds, but there are many more clans than ours. Here in New Atlanta alone we have probably eighty or so.” As he drove, Dante told Trevor about some of the others in the area. As they approached the bridge, Dante cursed. He slammed on the brakes and skidded to a halt behind flashing red and blue lights. Since Jasper had been in the helicopter, it had to be Dane.

Dante said, “Stay here,” but Trevor bolted from the car as soon as he saw Jasper. He couldn’t stay in the vehicle if his life depended on it. He didn’t know why, but there was an inexplicable pull, drawing him toward the gorgeous man. Dane was standing behind the open door of his cruiser, his service weapon still holstered. Jasper and Matthew were standing in the middle of the bridge, and a man was several feet away, aiming a gun at them. “Gun!” Trevor shouted. Shots rang out, and Jasper unfurled a set of wings, wrapping them around Matthew.

“Do something!” Trevor yelled. When Dane continued to stand there watching, Trevor twisted the pistol from Dane’s holster, flipped off the safety, and fired one shot. The man went down, and Trevor handed the gun back to a shocked Dane. Trevor ran to where Jasper was still protecting the teen. Like a moth to a flame, Trevor reached out to touch one of Jasper’s wings. Before his fingers made contact, the wings disappeared behind Jasper’s back. I guess those are off limits to me. Still, Trevor knelt down and wrapped both Jasper and Matthew in his arms.

“Trev…” Jasper pleaded.

“We’ll talk later. Right now Matt needs us.” Trevor leaned his head against the teen’s and closed his eyes.

Chapter Three

The swords and pikes were no match for the pistols, and cannons. Phelam saw the Englishman take aim at the O’Donnell. “No!” he roared as he used his shifter speed to place himself between his father and the shooter, wrapping him in his wings.

When Seamus saw Phelam’s wings, he screamed, “You’re no son of mine, Phelam O’Donnell. You’re a monster. Be off with ya.”

“No, Athair! I saved you.” Phelam dropped to his knees, begging the only one who ever loved him to not turn him away. He lowered his head to his chest only now realizing he was naked with the exception of the knotted ropes twisting around his torso.

“I said be off with ya!” Seamus raised his sword, ready to take Phelam’s head.

“No!” Jasper yelled, thrashing around his king-size bed. He sat up, panting heavily. Once he got his breathing under control, Jasper disentangled the sheets from around his waist. He ran a shaking hand through his bed-tousled hair and let out a long sigh. The dreams were getting worse. Ever since Theron had made an appearance at Dante’s, every bad thing that ever happened in Jasper’s past was haunting his sleep. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and rolled his shoulders.

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