Jasper:Stone Society Book 6(9)

By: Faith Gibson

He didn’t have to look at the clock to know the time. One glance out the window and the position of the moon told Jasper it was a little after three in the morning. He rose from the bed and opened the double doors leading to the balcony off his second-floor master suite. Instead of having Rafael design him a home, Jasper bought this one when Finley left for the West Coast. In honesty, Jasper couldn’t have designed one more fitting. The log and stone structure was perfect, situated in the middle of fifty acres of Georgia pine trees. Hardwoods were strewn in the mix, as were a few pink and white dogwoods. Jasper couldn’t wait until spring when the blooms would be offering color against all the green and brown.

Jasper lived on a secluded road close to both Dante and Gregor. The Stone Society had recently purchased all the other land around their homes, giving them the privacy of thousands of acres. With the Gargoyles finding their mates, security was even more important now than ever. Thinking of his own mate caused Jasper’s heart to hurt. It had been almost two weeks since he had seen Trevor. Thirteen days since they had spoken to one another. Jasper had sent texts. He had even handwritten a note and mailed it to Trevor. He finally broke down and sent a bouquet of roses to the man. He didn’t know if Trevor even liked roses, but they were the universal flower for love. Not that he loved Trevor, he barely knew him. But he couldn’t get to know him if he kept avoiding Jasper.

Jasper kept an eye on his mate from a distance, taking turns with other Gargoyles to make sure Theron didn’t get to him. Dante assured him Trevor was okay, but Jasper wanted to see for himself. Dante had worked most of the crime scenes Jasper had been to. The one Trevor had overseen had been assigned to the new detective, Ramsey Harris.

Being Trevor’s boss and friend, Dante was very protective of him, but he was Jasper’s mate, even if they hadn’t made it official. After the recent clusterfuck brought on by both Theron Gianopoulos and Troy Quinn, Jasper wasn’t sure they would ever make it official. Theron he could handle. Jasper would take a sword to the Gargoyle bastard’s neck and be done with him. Granted, he would probably start a clan war if he did. When Rafael called and told him of Connor’s vision, Jasper came really close to kidnapping Trevor and leaving town with him. He still wasn’t opposed to the idea, but they both had responsibilities. Trevor had already left the morgue to Dante once. It wouldn’t be fair if he abandoned his boss again so soon, even if it was against his will.

Jasper wasn’t as worried about Theron as he was Quinn. He would protect his mate from the Gargoyle. But Troy Quinn? He couldn’t protect Trevor from the memory of killing the man. Taking a life, no matter the reason, was not something that went away quickly. Jasper knew from experience that it stayed with you for many years. Being on the battlefield, striking down more than his share of the enemy, still haunted Jasper over four hundred years later.

Between Dante, Frey, and Dane, Trevor had plenty of eyes on him. Plenty of security. When Trevor was home in his apartment, Dane would check on him since he lived down the hall. Dante watched over him at work, and Frey kept tabs on him when he visited Matthew. The two had bonded ever since Trevor shot and killed Matthew’s brother-in-law. Still, it wasn’t good enough. Jasper was tired of waiting. He needed to see him with his own eyes. He walked back inside and pulled on a pair of jeans along with his black motorcycle boots. He grabbed a shirt and tied it around his waist. Jasper strode out the double doors, releasing his wings as soon as he hit the cool December air. He launched himself into the night, heading toward his mate.

Being early Saturday morning, the first place Jasper looked was Frey’s. He missed being around the fierce Gargoyle and his new family, but Trevor and Matthew needed each other. Both young men had received shocks to their system in finding out about Gargoyles. Jasper had wanted to be the one to tell Trevor, but circumstances didn’t allow it. When he reached the edge of Frey’s land, he opened his senses to his mate. Trevor wasn’t there, so he shifted direction and headed back home. The sky was too bright under the light of the moon for him to fly into the city.

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