Kwame & Kyhanna

By: Chante Amor

A Youngstown Love Story

Chapter 1

“What the fuck man,” I said underneath my breath as I stepped off the WRTA bus that let me off directly in front of the mall. I spotted the white security guard who I didn’t fuck with standing outside of Macy’s smoking a cigarette and irritating my last nerve. I absolutely hated when he worked because I almost always had some drama when it came to doing my thing inside of the store. I had been dealing with him on and off throughout the years of coming to the mall and he was the type of dude that lived to find you doing wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely on top of my game for sure but I just wasn’t in the mood for all that bullshit. I draped my empty, oversized, Gucci bag over my arm as I walked in the entrance of Macy’s. My knockoff purse was old as hell but it still got the job done and at this point I was on a mission.

“Hello Ms. Kyhanna. I see you’re back for more. You better not give me a reason to escort you into my office,” he said as he held the large steel door open for me. I honestly felt deep down inside that this fool was a pervert or on some peeping tom type shit. He always wanted to suggest that I come to his wack ass office, but he definitely wouldn’t catch me slipping. He wouldn’t catch me slipping because I was too on point to ever be caught.

“Yeah whatever,” I answered and walked away leaving his ass right there in the door. I didn’t know why this motherfucker always wanted to start some shit with me but I guess his mission on earth was to intentionally fuck with me. I looked down and checked my watch and knew I had to stick to my tight schedule to make shit happen so I could get the fuck out of the store as fast as I could. What I didn’t plan on happening was falling in love.

You never plan on actually falling in love until it sneaks up on your ass and totally catches you slipping. That’s exactly what happened to me the day Kwame’ Patterson walked into my life. I walked into the store and did my usual routine. I walked in a few areas and looked briefly and then I ended up in the section that I’d really come for…the junior’s section. I usually cased a few of the surrounding areas to check and see how many staff members they had on deck because that gave me an idea of how I needed to do my thing. To my surprise, there wasn’t anyone assigned to the junior’s section which was great for me because I could slip in and slip out undetected. I was smack dab in the middle of my area helping myself to whatever I wanted via my five finger discount and we literally bumped right into each other.

“Yo what’s up love?” he asked. I looked up momentarily to respond with, “Hey.”

Okay so rule number one when stealing you definitely don’t have time to engage in small talk or anything that can potentially slow you down. So I wasn’t trying to be a bitch, I just didn’t have time for the cute and fluffy shit that most bitches craved.

“What’s a pretty, young thing like you doing helping herself in a store like this? This store has heavy security.”

I knew what he was saying had been true but I was fifteen years old and I had been stealing shit since I was about seven years old. I had this shit down to a science. I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. I wasn’t new to this I was true to this.

“Why is it any of your fucking business?”

“Cuz I don’t want to see a young shawty like you get caught up in the fucked up system we call the law that’s why. Once yo ass get caught up it’s hard as hell to get out. Besides, if I was your man there’s no way I’d have you out here like that.” He whispered low enough to not draw attention to our situation but loud enough for me to hear everything he was saying. I had been momentarily grateful that he hadn’t blown down on my crime in progress. I was so glad his ass wasn’t a snitch otherwise I would’ve had to cause a scene just so that I could get the hell up out of there.

“Well you’re not my man now are you? What’s your name anyway?” I asked clearly pissed the fuck off that this complete stranger had been occupying all my time. I didn’t have time to play chit chat with this fool. I was on a mission. A mission that didn’t involve talking to his annoying ass. It was picture day at my high school tomorrow and I wanted to have a new outfit to take pictures in.

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