Lacey's Luhpynes(4)

By: Honor James

Flipping the release on her weapon she charged the ultraviolet on the piece which would also automatically start recordings both vocal and visual. “Again, I am Agent Lacey Rose of the FBI. I demand that you identify yourself.”

“Oh, darling, I’m the one that is going to tear your head off. Don’t worry, though, I know just who to deliver it to. They will be so surprised that I was able to find you before they could. This is truly priceless. I was able to be rid of The Alpha Prime’s before he could seal the deal and now, oh this is too glorious. The new Alpha Prime will also be rid of you before he even meets you. I am truly a wonderfully blessed man.”

“You are no man, and what the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh darling, darling girl. You have just gotten out of the Academy and they have not briefed you? You poor, dear, and very dead child. Too bad.” He moved quickly, his hands wrapping around her neck and pressing her so hard to the brick wall at her back that she heard her skull crack. “You see, the animals that walk the world, Lhupines”—he spat the word—“are given a pair of mates. A man and woman, two women, three men, but it’s always in threes. And I love depriving those bastards of their mates. It’s a great pleasure to me to cause them harm.”

“Yeah? Well not this time.” Lacey was able to get the gun up and between them, pulling the trigger. As the blast hit the Vhampire that held her she heard his laughter, his mocking derision as he tossed her to the ground.

“Well played, pretty little human, but I will be back.” Lacey watched as he disappeared and her partner finally come running, weapon drawn but far too late.

Falling to the ground limp as a noodle cooked far too long, Lacey looked up at her partner, and blacked out.

* * * *


Unconsciously Lacey rubbed at the holes that scarred over on her neck, holes left not by fang but by nail from her assailant, a man she had yet to catch. Her headache was starting again, typically did around her partners, not because of anything they did, but more of what her traitorous body did when they were near. She had thought of asking for a transfer, but that would be allowing a sadistic bastard to win and that just wasn’t in her vocabulary.

“All right guys, where are we headed again?” she asked and pulled out her mini tablet, shooting off a message to her doctor so that she could get a refill on her meds, meds she had been steadily increasing dosage on for the last five years. Then again she had nearly died from that asshole’s hands on her neck, as it was it was a miracle that she was walking and not paralyzed from the ears down. Yep, sometimes you just had to let go of what might be and focus on the truth, on what was. And what was, well that was that these strong, amazing and virile men didn’t want or need her in their lives. She was assigned to them simply because the AEDA demanded that a full human be paired with all their Alien operatives. Yep, bully fucking rah for her to be paired with two men that she knew were destined to be hers, or vice versa, and yay for her for having the only two men on the planet that seemed not to realize said fact. Wonderful. Just. Fucking. Great.

Chapter Three

Shooting her a look, Zhubin frowned and then glanced around, “Uh, there’s no one else here,” he said quietly. Turning the computer to face her he started the vehicle, “And I’m also pretty sure I told you where we were going.” Shaking his head he pulled out of the spot and got up to street level before looking her way again. “You sure you’re feeling okay, Agent Rose?”

“Yep, just a bit of a headache.” Lacey tried to replay the previous conversation and said, “McKinney Warehouses, had a bit of a brain-fried moment.” She was fucking losing it and she knew it. She was slowly forgetting everything that she should do and should know because of these men. No, she really couldn’t blame them. It wasn’t their fault that she had the hots for them, at all.

Nodding, he shot her one more look before his focus was fully on the road. The ride was silent to the warehouse district. Pulling in, Zhubin parked where the rest of the vehicles sat, their lights flashing an odd blue glow on everything. Climbing out, he looked to her, waiting for her to join him and precede him as always. Lifting the crime scene tape for her he ducked under and followed slightly to her left, half a foot behind.

Entering the warehouse he stopped with her and looked around, inhaling deep. A low growl rumbled from him. Shaking his head when she looked at him he took the booties one of the officers handed over and slipped them over his boots. Pulling out a pair of gloves he tugged them on and headed for one side of the warehouse, knowing she’d take the other. They would each work a side, switch and then meet to discuss.

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